day forty nine / week seven - silver and cold
Image credit: Iggy……

The sun was rising.

The party boats were coming in out of the dark.  The passengers were hidden indoors, pushing off having to face the day for as long as they could.  The light traveled up the river with them, outpacing them, overtaking them.  It shimmered around them and illuminated the truth of the situation.  Day was upon them once more.

The sun was rising.

The roads and walkways were still clear of pedestrians and automobiles, bicycles and joggers, strays of human and other genus.  Creatures, large and small, were stirring within their dwellings, preparing for the responsibilities they would each face.  The first rays of light streamed through their windows.

The sun was rising, and it looked like it was going to be another beautiful day.


Picture prompt provided by Moi.  What do you see when you look at this picture?  What would you write up to accompany it?


6 thoughts on “light

  1. Ah, very refreshing.

    Hey, I see you’ve left comments on my website. I’m having technical difficulties replying. As soon as I get back from retreat, I’ll look into it. Keep visiting, though. I’m still posting every day on writing from “Bird by Bird” – a great book.

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