sign me up, part 2

Part 1 – written in response to a Trifecta Writing Challenge got enough positive feedback asking for more that I couldn’t refuse.  I’m a sucker for peer pressure like that.


The problem, of course, with having a secret club where the first thing you are taught is a curse you are supposed to use if outsiders find out about the club, is that attracting new members can be tricky.  Introducing them to other members and starting the initiation process is nearly impossible.

Sure there were spells that could be cast to locate potential new members, but with the very real threat of losing current members, friends, relatives or other acquaintances, no matter how well formed the spell was, few magicianas within the club were willing to take that risk.  The most likely source was random encounters when frequenting certain places around town: noticing someone checking out certain books in the library, people wandering into psychic shops to talk with the owner rather than to get their fortunes read, etc…  Those individuals would be monitored and, if it was deemed safe, they would be invited to attend a meeting.

If they were interested in joining the club as a full member after their first meeting they would be processed through initiation immediately.  If they weren’t interested, lots would be drawn by the members in attendance and the one drawing the short stick would have to cast the curse to wipe the person’s memory.  Usually, though, the invitee opted to join having been fully vetted before being invited in the first place.  It was rare someone would get that far and not be the type of person who would want to join.

The members were loathe to invite someone who may not want to join because they might end up being the one drawing the short stick.  They did their homework, their due diligence, very well beforehand.

However, despite their concerns and the selectiveness of their criteria, they were all always on the lookout for potential future members.  A new member meant a new way of looking at things.  A new way of looking at things meant the possibility of new spells to learn, new truths of the world to uncover, new power to behold.  They all lusted after that knowledge.

It was what had drawn them together in the first place.


5 thoughts on “sign me up, part 2

  1. Excellent exposition, now bring on the Oops! I didn’t mean to cast that curse! as it seems these magicians may have a margin for error slightly larger than they would care for 😉

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