Revis, the Knight

A promise was made, and now it has been kept…

As some of you have noticed, Revis has being going around recently proudly proclaiming his First Knight status for The Matticus Kingdom.  This is no idle title, and the story of how he came upon such a moniker of strength and honor is no minor tale.  In the long history of The Kingdom we have only bestowed knighthood upon one deserving person.  Only one has earned it.

Some time ago, in a period of prosperity, when everything and everyone about The Kingdom seemed to be thriving, a small strain of a dangerous bacteria escaped from one of science laboratories.  The tests the lab had been conducting had been sanctioned about the ruling party and all of the safety measures had been followed.  Sometimes mistakes just happen.  That is part of life here in The Kingdom just as it is everywhere else.

One person contracted the disease.  It increased their stamina, agility, and strength, as the scientists had hoped and had seen in the rats they had tested up to that point.  However, unlike the rats, the human’s intelligence plummeted, and then their appetite vanished, and they wasted away in a matter of days.  We held a public funeral, hosted by the ruling party, in honor of the fallen victim.  He had died tragically in the pursuit of a better way of life.

That should have been the end of it.

Unfortunately, his body disappeared when it was being transported to the cemetery for the graveside service.  As the search of the body started, strange stories began to surface of an individual, a shadow figure, roaming dark alleys and attacking unsuspecting people who came to close.

We noticed the trend too late.  The victims were admitted to the hospital for scrapes, bites and assorted other injuries but were only under observation for infection.  They weren’t be observed for increased strength, agility and stamina, let alone decreased intelligence and appetite.  It wasn’t only the tenth citizen had passed away that the medical community noticed what was going on.  But, then it was too late for them to do anything about it.

Those ten bodies vanished from the morgue… and then the numbers of people being attacked increase exponentially.  The Kingdom was forced to issue a state of emergency and we sent requests to aid to nearby sovereignties, states, territories, and blogs.

Revis Edgewater, the zombie killing rogue, answered our call.

He came to The Matticus Kingdom as swiftly as he could, met with the ruling party (yeah, the queen and me, the jester – we were a party of two at the time), quickly formulated a plan, and set to work laying traps, and killing zombies.  He seemed to be everywhere at once (his ninja skills probably assisted with that), his shotgun blaring, his sword dicing, crossbow bolts flying…  I’m pretty sure I even saw him throw a record or two just to see if it would work.  It did.  He’s just that amazing.

One by one he chopped through the scourge of The Kingdom until we were a safe place for bloggers and non-bloggers alike again.

It was then, with great pleasure, that I dubbed him First Knight of The Matticus Kingdom and told him he was welcome back any time he would like.  His duties keep him busy elsewhere though, and we understand.  We would feel wrong keeping his unique talents all to ourselves.

And now you know the story of Revis Edgewater, zombie killing rogue ninja, and First Knight of The Matticus Kingdom.  If you are a fan of The Kingdom then make sure you go show him some love, for without his quick thinking and quicker sword we surely would have been overrun by zombies long ago.

Thank you, Sir Knight.

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