just a lazy afternoon

The whole family was there,
The jester, the queen, the prince,
Sara and Belle too,
Delicious smells from the kitchen were wafting in the air,
And they all knew just what to do,
Curling up together on the couch after kicking off their shoes.

It was a gezellig afternoon,
With no place they’d rather be,
And nothing demanding their immediate attention,
They knew the evening responsibilities would come along soon,
So in the meantime they soaked up the rays of the sun,
Streaming through the window, and the minutes seemed to lengthen.

Comfy, cozy, perfectly snuggled together,
Legs intertwined, the prince sleeping, and the kitties purring,
Sprawled across laps,
Everything was just right: the family, the setting, the weather,
And they all joined the prince for a nap,
That wondrously evil couch had once again sprung its trap.


Another Prompts for the Promptless from Rara, or should I say the amazing minds of the Queen Creative team of Rara and Dave:

prompts for the promptless, forthepromptless, rarasaur

Wednesday, June 11, 2013

Gezelligheid is a Dutch noun meaning the comfort and coziness of being at home, with friends, with loved ones or general togetherness.

  • Gezellig is an adjective that the noun is based on.
  • From wiki:
    • A room can be gezellig. (meaning cosy or inviting)
    • A person can be gezellig. (meaning entertaining or pleasant)
    • A party can be gezellig. (meaning fun)
    • A visit to ones grandparents can be gezellig. (meaning togetherness)
    • A set of curtains can be gezellig. (meaning pretty or nice).

14 thoughts on “just a lazy afternoon

    • I recommend a very comfortable couch, a few doting kitties, a fire softly burning in the hearth, and at least one other person to snuggle up with. Add hot chocolate or wine as desired, and maybe some soothing music in the background.

    • I never used to think so… a waste of time, would leave me more tired than I was before the nap, a nuisance because I don’t like to sleep in my contacts… but, I’m coming around to agreeing. Nap time does seem pretty grand. I could use one now, in fact.

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