a new observation

I say “new” because I had an observation once before on my drive to work about the sunrise.  My observation from this morning also occurred as the sun was cresting the hills by my house, but this time the positioning was a bit different and therefore my view was also.


We drove into the sunrise.

The dew pooled on the hood of my truck sparkled in a thousand tiny rainbows.  They would have been blinding if they weren’t completely overpowered by the day’s first rays of light pouring down from the peak of the hills and racing straight through my windshield.

The cars on the road in front of me disappeared as everything changed into variations on the gray scale.  None of the vibrant colors from the world in front of my car remained. Even the depth of differences in the gray scale faded into black.  No colors could withstand the washing power of the sun.  Everything merged with the road.  Everything became one.

I squinted.  I adjusted my visor.  I had already put my sunglasses on so there was no final recourse, no last act to help me decipher the difference between my fellow morning travelers and the road we traveled on.  The brilliant morning fire had melted the world with its furious arrival.

Then the light shifted and I could see the taillights of the car in front of me again and I breathed a sigh of relief.  The world had not been destroyed.  Everything was going to be okay.  My fellow travelers and I continued on our way, speeding at 75 miles per hour towards our daily destinations.


11 thoughts on “a new observation

  1. “The brilliant morning fire had melted the world with its furious arrival.” !!!!!!!!!!!!! POWERFUL LANGUAGE!!!!!!!

  2. Ain’t it odd how something you’ve seen thousands of times (sunrise) is just sunrise until it lights up the dew drops on your truck hood? Then you see it in a totally different way…as something magical, not simply a big orange ball. Nice post, Bro.

    • It is funny, I agree. I do the same drive every single day, but now only twice that I’ve done it the lighting was just right for me to pick out something different, to really “see” it, and to inspire me to write about it.

    • Actually, none of those things went through my mind. I was mostly just trying to think of a good way to describe what I was seeing so that I could blog about it. I didn’t think about the fact that I couldn’t see anything until I could see the cars around me again anyway.

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