cue the sound effect

Specifically, if you would, please call up in your mind the shower scene from Psycho and the lovely sound of the knife slashing downward…

Do you have it?

Okay good.

Do you know that feeling you get, that tingle up your spine, that makes you feel like you aren’t alone, like you are being watched?

You know that one too?


In a house with cats, you are never alone:


38 thoughts on “cue the sound effect

    • She is for sure. I think she definitely has some foul deeds in store for me when I least expect them. She knows I’m on to her game of trying to trip me in the dark on the stairs so she is looking for new ways to try and do me in…

  1. The cat-persons who live in our house are far too fat for any of those acrobatics. They prefer to smack the bare ankles of any poor passer-by when the bowl is empty or to leap upon an unsuspecting lap to knead the flesh into submission. Both of our boys are around 20 pounds; they must maintain their figures in light of their dog-siblings (the larger boy is 72 pounds and the smaller girl is 53 pounds)…

    • Belle (the one pictured) will still occasionally jump from the ground to my shoulder (clawing up my back in the process) when I’m not watching her…

  2. We have a cat. It belongs to my daughter. I am not that cat’s biggest fan. I’m more of a dog person. Having said that they can be pretty funny. Like when the cat got stuck in the laundry basket. That was funny. Or how she completely fails to judge the depthof water each time and just sticks her face in and comes up coughing and spluttering.

      • Drowning? Huh? The laundry basket is full of dirty clothes waiting to be sorted and washed? There is no water? Or putting her face in her 2 cm deep water dish each time? It would be extremely odd to drown from a little water up the nose wouldn’t you think? Sheesh!

      • Let’s assume she meant it alone the lines of how it can be funny watching our silly pets get themselves into trouble – we are there to protect them, of course, but we can’t always keep them from getting themselves into trouble of their own free will.

    • Poor kitty!
      Stuck in a laundry basket? Belle loves our laundry basket – she jumps in every chance she gets, but when she is done she jumps right back out too. And both our cats love, love, love water… well, they love some water. They don’t particularly like the bathtub when there is water running into it.

  3. hahahha very adorable, my cat sadly is afraid of her own shadow and everyone elses, so she isn’t a climber. She does stand guard though 🙂

    • Good little guard kitty! One of our cats is afraid of everyone that isn’t the wife or I (and is also just now starting to not be afraid of the little prince). The other cat is friendly with everyone. “Oh, you’re breaking into the place, that’s fun, will you pet me before you go?”

      • hahah no ours is afraid of any and every loud noise, rustle, air. She’s a bit strange, she loves the husband when he first wakes up then dives under the couch when he comes home from work.

  4. How in heaven’s name did the cat get up there? And maintain that balance long enough for the photograph too! Wow. We’re not cat people. We’re dog people. So these things amaze us.

    • One jump from ground to bathroom sink, second jump from sink to the little box window… honestly, not sure how she does it. But, cats are crazy so there really is no understand they hows or whys of it all.

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