I couldn’t help myself

I knew I shouldn’t do it.  I knew. as fascinated as I am on the subject, that I would regret looking out the window.  But, I was curious, and fascinated, and interested… and I couldn’t help myself.

The Springs Fire, getting national media coverage yesterday and this morning (PST), is burning just a few miles away from where I live.  Last night, this morning, at 2AM when I woke up to change the little prince’s diaper I looked at my South facing windows…

Have you ever seen the movie “Thirteenth Warrior,” with Antonia Banderas?  There is a scene in that movie where the hillside has a snake, a river, a line of fire running down it:

(Photo Credit: Google Image Search)

That is what I saw out my window when I looked.  The sky was orange, the flames were reaching for it, and in the darkness it all looked so much closer than it actually was.  I knew we were safe, but I still shouldn’t have looked. I did manage to get back to sleep afterwards but…  well, the image haunted me.

Now that the sun has retaken the sky I can no longer see the flames, and that does put my mind more at ease.  I can see the great billowing black smoke smearing out the western horizon.  It is impressive.  It is a testament to the power of fire.

My thoughts go out to the fire crews working this fire, and the other fires burning today in California and everywhere else for that matter.  Be safe, and thank you for what you do.


18 thoughts on “I couldn’t help myself

    • Thank you. We should be fine. I think they are predicting the fire to move away from us today… which is kind of bad because that has it moving towards more populated areas. I just hope the winds remain calm enough this morning they can get some planes out there to drop the big loads.

    • I think we are definitely in the clear now… the winds have shifted direction again and they are pushing the fire away from us… It was never all that close to begin with. Though, I guess being able to see the flames means it was close in some regard…

      • Not nerves of steel. I did mention it was the middle of the night, right? I was really, really, tired! Plus, I knew I’d be up again in another two hours to change a diaper again, so if it moved closer in that time we could still get out okay. 😛

  1. I understand the feeling. Where I live we have frequent bush fires. I have been evacuated 6 times that I can think of. Down the road people have lost houses, pets and lives. I know the exact feeling of peering out the window at 2am and seeing the orange glow marching over the horizon. I knkw the sound of the cracking and spitting as the fire advances and the smell of the smoke. And then in the day time the smoke obscures the sun until it looks like a strange orange ball and the whole world turns an eery colour. Stay safey friend.

    • This fire was never that close to us, and while it was closer to us than the big fire we had 10 years or so ago when I was living in San Diego, that one takes the prize for eery – orange sky, snowing ash, unbreathable air, the whole city shut down, freeways were closed, airports too, businesses, everything. Have never experienced an evacuation though. Can’t imagine what that feels like. :-/

      Probably only a matter of time, living as we do in an arid climate. You stay safe too!

    • Me too! 😉 It’s funny how the dark can play tricks on us, even as adults, everything just seems scarier in the dark. Haven’t turned on the news yet today, but our air is cleaner and last I heard last night the fire was still moving away from us. We should be in the clear now.

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