there is now a dragon in the kingdom

Not Quite Alice was kind enough to offer up a dragon for the kingdom.  Yeah, yeah, yeah, something about an award, and loyalty, and awesomeness, and lots of other cool words, but…. Dragon!!!  Isn’t that all you really need to read?

See. RAWR!

It’s all I need anyway.  The Matticus Kingdom definitely needed a dragon, and now that we have one we feel almost complete.  We might need a few knights and a giant table that may or may not be round as well, but those are stories for different days.

Today I must show my love to those who have been loyal to the matticus kingdom so that they too can proudly house dragons in their own pieces of the blogosphere:

1. Jon
2. Jen
3. MerBear
4. Steph
5. Tony
6. (Aunt) Princess Rosebud
7. The Imaginator
8. The Scribbler
9. Mr. Atheist
10. Matrone Bell
11. Rara
12. Jenn
13. The Foodie Farmer
14. Revis Edgewater
15. Gordon Flanders
16. JC

Thank you all for helping me out and staying loyal to the kingdom.  You are all super awesome fantastic!  That’s right.  It’s true.  It has now been officially decreed and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Enjoy your dragons and please treat them well.  They like wide open spaces and need to be able to roam and stretch their wings from time to time.  If you need help taking care of them, just let me know and I’m sure we can work something out.

27 thoughts on “there is now a dragon in the kingdom

  1. All this talk of dragons might inspire me to write something about one. Or at least go barbecue. Fire-breathing and all that… {she wanders off to locate the rib eye that ran off with the charcoal briquettes}

    • Got enough to share? Yum, rib-eye… Hmm, maybe I’ll BBQ tonight too actually. I think you are on to something here with the relation between fire breathing dragons and grilled food.
      Not, dragons on the grill, though, right?
      I wonder if they’d taste like chicken…

  2. Wow, first a baby, now a dragon. You’re really getting domesticated here, DJ! What next? An in-house wizard maybe? Might come in handy, you know.

    • Wizards are always handy to have around – as long as they aren’t flailing their staffs about and can actually remember the words to their spells…
      We used to have a wizard here in the kingdom, but he has taken leave of us for the time being. We have a posting out on Craigslist to see if anyone wants to fill the slot part time, so far there haven’t been any takers.

  3. How awesome! A dragon! Where will I keep it, where will I keep it? What will I feed it, what will I feed it? Oh surely, dear Jester, you know. 😀 By the way, I have yet to accept the lovely awards you gave me. Been so busy these past weeks, scribbling code all over the place. :S

    • No worries at all… the awards will still be there when you have time – besides, they are yours to do with as you please anyway.
      Where will you keep it? In your imagination, of course, where it has all the room it needs and more. And what will you feed it? Your thoughts, your creativity, your imagination too. What else could it need or want?

  4. Yay a pet dragon! I shall love him and care for him and call him Susan, or maybe Bruce? He can toast my marshmallows and guard my secret chocolate stash!

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