the kingdom, explained

Recently, yes this morning in the daily prompt, I was asked to first define my piece of the blogosphere (the matticus kingdom) and then wax philosophical on whether or not I’d stick to a certain type of post if my readership would exponentially increase as a result…

Those faithful readers who have stuck by the kingdom through our poems and silliness, guest posts (thank you, thank you) and western novels, our Friday Q and A madness and our NaNoWriMo updates, can already tell you that we kind of do just about everything here.  We are a kingdom after all – it takes lot of different styles to make up a whole kingdom.  That’s as it should be.

Would I stick to just one of those posts if it meant my readership would go up?

Nope.  No.  No way.  I don’t think so.  Not gonna happen.  Forget about it.  Not a chance.

As already explained, we are a kingdom here, and I can’t very well just cut off some of our creativity (or attempts at creativity) just to bolster readership.  The things we post (except for the occasional response to a daily prompt which we thought about skipping, *ahem*) we post for ourselves, we post because we liked it and wanted to share it, not because we were trying to get more and more people to read it.

If more and more people do read it and enjoy it and pass it on though, that’s fine with us too.  Don’t get us wrong, we here do enjoy knowing that our creations have brought some happiness, a few smiles here and there, and more than a few laughs into the lives of those who have stumbled into the kingdom and decided to stick around.  When someone comments that they enjoyed something we posted, it pretty much makes our day!

But, if no one ever commented, or liked, or followed, we’d still be posting exactly the same way we have been since August of last year.

Except for the Friday Q and A madness – that series is still going because someone requested it become a regular feature here.  Hmm, I guess we do take requests then.  Maybe I don’t know what I’m talking about?  Never mind.  You should just erase this post from your memory and move on to the next one, we promise it will be better.

And be on the lookout if you are sticking around the kingdom today, I’ve heard a rumor there is a dragon on the loose…

21 thoughts on “the kingdom, explained

  1. Huzzah! I love dragons… And if your kingdom decided to become monochromatic in any way, I am sure your villagers would begin lighting torches {she tucks the pack of matches back in her pocket}…

    • Exactly!! And we are very flammable – we don’t want the villagers to even think about lighting those torches! *pretends to not see the pack of matches being deftly hidden away*

      • Whew–thank goodness that’s been clarified {uses foot to quietly slide a large container of lighter fluid behind herself and erases ‘help increase the dragon’s flame, if needed’ from her to-do list for the day}

  2. I like the Q and A… think it to be funny… orry i’m on my lap top and the key between the “a” and “d” went M I _ _ ING!!! I dont get the blog_ to alway_ _how up in my reader on my iphone… i realized i end up mi_ _ ing a lot of po_t_ of people…

    _ mean_ the letter between the a and d 🙂

    • I didn’t notice anything wront at all with your comment. A letter between “a” and “d” on your keyboard? I don’t have anything there on mine… Who would need that letter anyway?
      Oh my gosh! Was super difficult to write that without using “s!” What happened to it? Did your laptop steal it? Pesky, thieving, laptop, grumble, grumble.
      I’m glad you’ve been enjoying the QandA… I think it will be sticking around the kingdom for awhile yet. 😀

      • You son is too you (resorting to iPhone) but when number #2 comes along and something happens…. Well suddenly there are more mysterious members in the family “I don’t know” and “not me” and “I don’t know what your talking about”
        Then when asked to do something out comes “I’m tired” “I don’t feel well” “I didn’t know” or “I didn’t hear you”

        Trust me those members become very anoying!

    • Hahaha, no worries … I confuse myself sometimes. I guess I haven’t really come up with a voice yet for my online persona… sometimes I try to write as just the jester, and sometimes I write like I’m representing the whole kingdom… and I’m pretty sure I get that all mixed up half the time too, so who knows…
      #2? Well, not yet…

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