Kodiak My Little Grizzly (I’m not a poet!) #100

Kodiak My Little Grizzly posted their 100th post and I would have shared that with the kingdom anyway, but I also had the honor of having a little something I wrote get included in that post.

Go forth and read! That is an official kingdom edict! I’ll know if you don’t, and you certainly don’t want to suffer the consequences… As a jester I know things, I have a certain set of skills shall we say…

Kodiak My Little Grizzly

This is my 100th post. it means nothing really just a number. I never celebrate anything at all really. So why this? Only because I didn’t know if I’d even stick with it. Only because the readers I meant it for don’t read it… The ones I didn’t know do read it… And I’m not really sure it’s educating anyone on these conditions or even helping. But it is a form of documenting for me. Although the things we don’t want to share we don’t. We still have to keep part of life separate. Anyway I kicked around several ideas. This is what WE came up with. Symone and Colten are co-contributors and well Kodiak of course is our main subject. I hope it’s 100th post worthy.

I’m nervous!!! Hard to check spelling etc on iPhone…

Ok! Whatever! Why worry! It’s just our hearts on the line…

Drumroll please (Colten’s…

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