a cry unleashed

A faint cry rolled through the room, like thunder through a valley,
To take a quick glance towards the clock, my strength I needed to rally.
Once confirmed, my deepest fears were true, I steeled myself for the cold,
Only an hour and a half had passed since last his voice had been so bold,
Sweet little prince, hungry again and needing a change,
His cries over several octaves did range,
Threw back the covers from their place,
And over to his side I did race,
Where I pulled him into my arms lovingly,
And sang to him words so soothingly.
My son, my son, whatever is the matter,
You don’t need to shout with such a forceful clatter,
We’re right here, next to where you sleep,
And never do we dream so deep,
That’d we missed coming to your aid,
That is a truth of the finest grade.
Calm your voice, and your heart,
Take a breath, we shall never part.
Yet the screams continue throughout the swap,
The only way I can help, I’m just the pop,
Then freshly dressed I hand you over to the queen,
And your eyes get the widest I’ve ever seen,
Your cries cut short, you are happy once more,
Food, you needed, and there is plenty in store.
Then back to sleep, rest your tiny little head,
The queen and I return to our own bed,
And wait to hear you return to your slumber,
Sometimes you snore like saws at the lumber,
But we know that even when you do finally nod off,
The next wake-up call is never too far off.
That’s okay, we wouldn’t change a thing.

Until then, sleep, my sweet little prince…

34 thoughts on “a cry unleashed

    • That does seem to be how these things go. Takes a minute to get out of bed, but then once I’m up and he is in my arms everything is okay (even if he is screaming!)

    • Thank you! It’s kind of funny how things seem to start falling into a routine and then completely switch up. We’d been sort of waking a the same time each night for almost a week and then last night he was waking up at new times.

    • Thank you! I’m not sure he’ll appreciate it enough when he is older to want it framed and on a wall for his girlfriend(s) to see… but, I’m keeping everything I write about him so he can at least read it once before deciding it’s too embarrassing to share. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  1. I miss my kid’s babyhood but I don’t think I miss the lack of sleep that went with them ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Wait, nevermind, They still keep me up nights. Teenagers …

  2. Sweet! Did you know that at this point, he does not even realize that wailing sound is coming from him? Not just yet. Wait until he discovers his hands, then reaches for them with his mouth, then bites down, then realizes, oops! That hurts. Oh, it’s attached to me! Wow! Wave, wave! Swat, swat! What is this thing?

    • LOL! Oh, can’t wait! ๐Ÿ™‚ He’s been trying to find his hands for a few days now and shove them into his mouth but can’t quite get the knack of it yet…soon enough.

    • I’ll have to remember that next time I want to write some… I know I get sillier and sillier the less sleep I get, but who knew that my prose brain kicked into overdrive as well. Thanks! I’m glad you liked it.

      • Silly is not a bad thing! Some people make a damn good profession out of it! Ha. I was happy to see some poetry coming from you good sir.

      • Hooray for poetry! ๐Ÿ˜€ I feel there may be more of that on here going forward – sometimes it’s easier to write these “stories” in rhyme…

      • I hear you on that one. Loves me some poetry! There is something about the rules and rhythm of a rhyme that keeps me plugging away. The free form ones? I find much harder!!

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