a month in the life

My dearest little Prince,

A month, a month, you’ve been alive for a month.  And where have those days, hours, and minutes gone?  How has it passed so quickly?  And yet, how has it only been a month, because I feel like you’ve been a part of our lives forever.  Haven’t you?  Isn’t that the case?  I guess not.  I guess that’s just a testament to how tightly you have your mom and I wrapped around your tiny little finger.

I guess that’s as it should be.

Though, that little finger isn’t as tiny as it was a month ago…

I guess that’s as it should be too.

And your eyes, your crystal clear blue eyes, are amazing as they flit back and forth, soaking in every inch of your surroundings, analyzing, cataloging.  I can already see you getting smarter, learning, growing, as I peer into their depths.  And I have spent hours doing just that, powerless to break my gaze away.

Sometimes, when the light is right, I can see myself reflected back in them… and that is a feeling that is indescribable: seeing yourself in your child’s eyes.

Do you recognize me now?  Do you know me for more than just my voice?  Will this time be the time that I pick you up and say your name and you smile at me, not because it is a reflex but because you actually mean to smile?  When will I hear your first laugh, your first giggle?  When I can unleash the Jester that I am fully for your entertainment?  I eagerly await those moments.

In the meantime, I will continue enjoying every second I get to spend with you.  Every squeal.  Every grunt.  Every cry.  Every tantrum over having to change clothes.  Every dirty diaper.  Every moment of quiet alertness.  Every moment of squirm time.  Because all of these moments are just as precious as everything that is to come.

One day you will understand that too, and that makes me grin from ear to ear.

With all my love,

The Jester




31 thoughts on “a month in the life

    • Don’t I know it… and, don’t I know it too! Well, for now. He probably won’t think he’s so lucky when he figures out that the jester is more silly than awesome. That’s probably just another one of those just how life has to go kind of things.

  1. When the beast was born, your grandmother told us, “Enjoy absolutely every moment because they are only on loan to us from the world for a very short time, then the world takes them back!” So glad to see you are doing just exactly what Auntie Aud would suggest!

  2. And now you KNOW… Parenthood is the purest form of love. There is no “What’s in it for me?” in this relationship. You give, and give, and give some more, and unbelievably you are full to overflowing. And as your child grows, each age has more glorious revelations. And when you are sure that you love absolutely, the love grows yet deeper.
    So, the next BIG secret is grandparenthood… when you don’t know who to watch more closely, your grandchild with all the grunts, and squirms and funny faces, or your child, with the gentle arms and adoring eyes. The tenderness is so intense it will break your heart.

  3. That was too sweet. I wish my parents wrote such things to me when I was a baby. Your son is very lucky that he will be able to read them when he’s older! 🙂

    • I hope I keep finding the time and inspiration to write things like this as we reach milestones. And, yes, hopefully he will enjoy them at some point. I guess I’m writing them mostly for me (and all of you) so him enjoying them will just be a bonus.

    • And then everyone is making fun of us because we are going “overboard” documenting things for the first kid and then the next ones won’t have half as much… But, that wasn’t true for me, I was the second child, and my parents did a great job of making sure my baby book was just as filled out, my photo albums were just as full, etc… Hopefully the wife and I will be able to do that too if/when we decide to add another prince or princess to the kingdom.

      • Yeah, it’s tough to do that AND keep track of the kids. It seems like when you do get a free moment the last thing you want to do is more work.

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