Guest Post: JD gives us things to think about

I asked JD to stop by the kingdom and provide a guest post for all of you to enjoy in my absence.  I think you will all be very happy with what he put together:

Things To Think About

by Jon Hilton

wh you should knowI had often wished that someone had talked to me about life and how my own attitude affects the things that I experience. This is my initial attempt to talk to you about a few things I think are important in life. All information that you can choose to listen to, think about or just forget totally later on down the line. That is up to you, but if you read this then years from now you will not be able to say, nobody ever told me that!

What You Give, You Get

life-is-an-echoMany people have heard about Karma and the idea that if you live your life a certain way then certain things will happen in your life. I am not sure if there is a golden rule of Karma, but I do know beyond the shadow of a doubt that what you give in life you get back. There has been no exception to this in my life to this point.

There is no wrong way or right way to live, there are only choices and consequences. If you choose to live selfishly and worry only about yourself, you can’t be surprised if you are the only one participating in that endeavor. Conversely if you spend time and effort in the authentic concern about others, then you will find others authentically concerned for you. That is the way the world works.

Spend your life living outwards, that means more concern for others than for yourself and you will find more people in your life caring about you than you can imagine. You always get what you give.

Kindness Counts

kindness tag 280wAlong the same lines, there is no time where kindness and compassion are not the right path to follow. You often do not have any control over the actions of others but you always have control over what you do and think. Each moment of the day, you will have a choice whether you pay attention to the kind thoughts in your mind or the mean ones.

Kindness and acceptance are forces that you can release into the world. Simply by choosing your thoughts you can influence other people in a positive or a negative way.

You never know what battles any person you meet has to fight internally or externally. Perhaps you kind word or deed can restore, not only someone’s soul but their faith in humanity. It may just be me, but the world seems to be a much better place when the people living here are happy. The kindness you share with the rest of the world can only have a positive impact. You never know how big your positive impact may be.

Practice Forgiveness

forgivenessThere are going to be times in life where someone does something that has a negative impact on your life. It may hurt and you may never be able to understand why they would do this to you.

It may be someone you know, or someone you have never met. Do not hang on to the feelings of anger or resentment, because they will only serve to make you a bitter, unhappy person.

Life was not meant to be spent feeling angry all of the time. To release the anger you have to practice forgiving whoever you imagine has wronged you and let it go. It is hard to forgive someone for speaking badly about you, or even actively working against you, but it must be done in order to move on.

Often times the most difficult person you will have to forgive is yourself. This is often the title match for happiness in life. Hold on to the mistakes you have made and let them define you and be miserable or let them go and forgive yourself for being human and find the peace that comes with real forgiveness. It has often been said that you can not really move forward until you put your past behind you.

Forgiving yourself for whatever weakness you have real or imagined is the first step. You will never be able to see what a wonderful, thoughtful and talented person you are if your vision is continually shaded with a film of guilt and regret. Let it go, and grow.

There are many other things that I could say and someday perhaps I will. For today I am very grateful for the time you took to read this and I hope that your life has nothing but the best things that you really enjoy.


Every time I read something that Jon has put together and shared with the blogosphere I find myself thinking deeply, thinking about my life and the choices I’ve made, and thinking about things I could be doing better, could be doing differently, could be reaching for and challenging myself to acheive.  I hope his words have the same effect on you:

7 thoughts on “Guest Post: JD gives us things to think about

      • I think it was only one bit, and to be fare I may be reading it wrong, the bit where you say” Spend your life living outwards, that means more concern for others than for yourself “ whilst I see a place for this, sometimes you have to look out for number one, because if you don’t no-one else will.
        Unless everyone shows more concern for others than yourself, then I think on occasion you will find yourself in some situation where you rally should have just thought, I am going to do this for me, as long as it does really infringe on the other aspect.

        I would like to believe in Karma and what goes around comes around, and I do see that in action, but karma isn’t fallible, there are many people where karma should have come and bit em in the bum, and yet it hasn’t.

        I am not saying I’m right, it’s just my opinion based on stuff I’ve seen.

      • Great response! Thanks for your thoughts. I too agree that sometimes we have to look out for ourselves… I think ideally, what Jon was trying to say, is that if we are all more concerned for others than we our for ourselves, then we will have multiple people worried about us so we won’t have to do the worrying any more… we’ll already be covered better than we could on our own…

      • Indeed, and in an ideal world that is how it would pan out, but as with many things where you have lots of parts to it, it is only as good as the weakest link.

        It was a good post though I enjoyed it.

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