Welcome Little Prince!

There’s a new Prince in Town!

And to celebrate I thought we could talk baby stuff. I love a fresh baby, and all this talk of babies and baby stuff is certainly not a very good contraceptive. I took the liberty of doing a little shopping on behalf of the Jester. Here’s my best picks…

DJ was tweeting that his bub had hiccups. I replied that I used to put my children back on the breast to cure hiccups. Obviously this is not easy for the Jester, but never fear, I have the solution!

The Mr Milker!

Mr Milker

Here’s the sales pitch,

“Breastfeeding Envy” is what Psychology Today says is the most common and least-discussed concern among today’s young parents. Fathers are quietly suffering the effects of not being able to breastfeed. It’s happening everywhere and fathers are not speaking out… but, maybe if they had a male breast feeding bra or vest they wouldn’t need to. Announcing Mr. Milker.”

Don’t you just want one, like, NOW?! Well I’ve rigged up the pic. Just click on through to purchase your very own Mr Milker!

What else did I find in the virtual maul? Let me see…

One of the best parts about having a little baby around is dressing them up in all those cute outfits, and I have just the right thing for our Little Prince

baby bacon

Isn’t that cute?! Everything tastes better with bacon, even babies. And just in case our Little Prince has a friend or a cousin who also wants to join in we have this matching outfit

baby ketchup

Because everyone likes ketchup with their bacon, amiright?

Or if our Little Prince would prefer something a little more traditional? Try this on for size

barrell of monkeys

Barrel of Monkeys! A classic childhood game, and the classics never go out of style.

I hope you will all join me in giving our Little Prince a huge welcome to the blogosphere. I, for one, am really looking forward to hearing about his escapades in the years to come.

To take us out on a high note here’s those damn Hooley Dooleys, my favourite Australian children’s performers

In case you missed the Hooley Dooleys over at my place, the Purple Guy is called Tickle the Doodat. Yep, it doesn’t get much better!

For more pearls of parenting wisdom from my very own mind look here…

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35 thoughts on “Welcome Little Prince!

  1. Ahh, I think I’ll pass on the bunting costumes. And the Mr. Milker too. But I definitely agree on the sliming incidents. Between our Lab (who passes away two years ago) and our child when she was little, we were keeping score on who scored higher in the schlickter-scale. Those were the days!

    • Ha ha, I find one does actually develop some immunity to gross after a little while. What’s that? Vomit in the little perforated holes in the fly screen door? No problem. Totally got it covered.

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