stop on by for a visit, you know you want to

TMK Meme

While life around the kingdom is slowly returning to some semblance of normal, whatever that means, we do find ourselves still pressed for time at the moment.  And by “ourselves” I mean me, the Jester.  And by “pressed for time” I mean that the days and the nights have melded together into something I can’t quite recognize and when I find myself in front of the computer the glaring light the monitor produces hurts my eyes…

So…  If you want to swing by the kingdom feel free to send me your ideas at, or ask for prompts, or just take over the whole thing for a bit… the throne is getting a bit dusty at the moment anyway.  We would certainly appreciate the company/help.

And a huge “THANK YOU” to everyone who has already guest posted here in the last several weeks.  You are all epically amazingly awesomely fantastic.


13 thoughts on “stop on by for a visit, you know you want to

  1. I’m not about to help with housework (he says with macho male disgust), but I am willing to submit another guest post for your perusal. I wouldn’t mind reflecting back on some of my early days as a dad many, many moons ago.

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