Guest Post: Mr. Atheist – The Title Story

As some of you may have noticed, I was so excited about Mr. Atheist stopping by the kingdom that I accidentally hit Publish instead of Save Draft.  So, that may be why you think you’ve seen this one before, but I assure you, you haven’t.  You haven’t seen anything like this before ever…

Suddenly, Last Summer, Mr. and Mrs. Smith Go Back to the Future.  They Live Near the Rainbow’s End, Where the Wild Things Are.

There Once Was a Woman, A Woman in the Fifth, The Fifth Element…The Element of Crime.  She Lived in the Shadows.  In the Shadows Near Mrs. Smith. She Asked for It.  She Asked for Trouble. She Got What She Asked For.

“Whatever Happened to Harold Smith?”

“He Said, She Said. She Was an Acrobat’s Daughter.”

“What If…”

“Nothing But the Truth…” Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.  The Day He Arrives, He Got Game. In the Name of the Father, He Got Game. He Was a Quiet Man. The Quiet American.  The American.  Unbreakable. Fearless. Drugstore Cowboy.

“…There Was a Crooked Man. The Man with the Iron Fists; The Man with the Golden Gun. Goldfinger.  On the Road to Perdition, Four Brothers Against the Wall, Against All Odds, Kill The Irishman (Goldfinger).  Last Man Standing? The Last Boyscout.  Mr. Smith…” It Happened One Night, Once Upon a Time in America…When Harry Met Sally. Love at First Kill. The Princess Bride. The Fisher King. Lost in America. Lost in Translation. Two Lovers Forget Paris. An Affair to Remember.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s.Naked Lunch.Dinner for Schmucks. True Romance. Just Another Love Story. Mr. and Mrs. Smith.


Yes, he did.  An entire post of movie titles.  Brilliant, right?  And you want more, right?  These are some of his posts that I’ve enjoyed:

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