Guest Post: Matrone Bell Bangs the Drum

Please welcome to the kingdom, the one, the only: Matrone Bell. I find her posts to be poignant and powerful.  They make me ponder.  They make me appreciate.  They make me pause and take notice of the world as it spins around and around.  I bet she’ll have the same effect on you:

There are those who dance to the beat of their own drum, but than there are others that forge the metal to beat it loud. Those are the ones that don’t just follow along, and blindly pound, they’re the ones that create their own sound. They do more than stand out from the crowd, they’re the ones that make humanity proud.

I first want to thank Matt for thinking enough of my writing to want it on his blog, he’s wonderful to follow, so if your not already I highly recommend clicking his follow button. Now on to my shameless plug. I’ve never written a shameless plug before so I don’t know what to write. I basically write what ever is going on in my head at the moment, and I like to fill the side bars of my blog with silly GIF’s and humorous pics. If you fancy that sort of thing then you can find all of my Random Nonsense at


She may call it random nonsense, but I call it excellence.  And now that you’ve gotten a small taste, you want some more, right?  I’d start with these:


16 thoughts on “Guest Post: Matrone Bell Bangs the Drum

    • And I have no idea how she does it! Sometimes I feel like my comments to her after something she’s written struck me to the core are longer than what she wrote to begin with! Hmm… maybe that’s another sign of a great author – she can bring about long winded conversations with just a few short prompting words.

And, begin:

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