epic again

Revis Edgewater nominated me for the:


This one is just so much easier to show, rather than say… It’s a total tongue twisting teaser that tangles thoughts thoroughly, though that theoretically isn’t its intent.  Hmm, can an award have an intent?  The giver, yes, but the award itself?  Something to ponder later, perhaps.

Let’s bask in the epic awesomeness of this award shall we?


Yes, that’s quite nice.  I do so enjoy being considered epically awesome.

Hmm, you are right, there generally are rules associated with these types of things.  How good of you to notice.  And this is no exception, except (oh, there is an exception) this time there’s only one!  (One rule, and one exception.  Coincidence?)

  • Tell 10 epic and/or awesome facts about yourself

1)   I like alliteration.
2)   I like the word “shenanigans.”
3)   I like sun -rises and -sets equally.
4)   I like body surfing.
5)   I like mocha’s.
6)   I like the smell of rain.
7)   I like river fishing.
8)   I like climbing trees.
9)   I like cheetahs.
10) I like when I’ve completed a list.

And my nominations for the Epically Awesome Award of Epic Awesomeness are:

1)   fortyoneteen
2)   blog of the imaginator
3)   anyone’s ghost
4)   knocked over by a feather
5)   the foodie farmer
6)   the mercenary researcher
7)   carrie rubin
8)   so i went undercover
9)   sketches and scribbles
10) the serenity space

All of these bloggers are truly awesomesuace in their own way.  The Kingdom strongly encourages you to go forth and see what they have to offer in the way of entertainment, challenges, delights, and mysteries.  And make sure you show Revis some love too… he knows people… it’s best to stay on his good side…  That’s really all I can say.

30 thoughts on “epic again

  1. Thanks again – two awards in less than a week! I’ll knock out another five sentence story and then tackle them both.

  2. Well, I obviously agree with the award. Couldn’t go to a more awesome blogging individual! Thanks for all that you do. I appreciate all of your contributions and thoughts. Great Job Matt! Continue in your kingdom of awesomeness! 🙂

  3. Congrats DJ and thank you so much for the nom! You are too kind. Thanks for reminding me of shenanigans, I am going to work it back into my vocabulary. It just isn’t heard enough these days!

  4. delightful words. I also have a penchant for alliteration,

    I finally posted your Very Inspiring Blogger Award with a link back to you. All the linking and contacting rattles this illiterate computer idiot so it takes me hours but i discovered that I have improved these last couple of months so thank-you for your generous spirit

  5. Sorry I’m late! Congrats on being double awesomed! For what it’s worth my answer would be no, an award cannot have an intention, but it can carry one, like an African swallow on the breeze.

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