what day is it?

Questions, questions, questions… and then just when you think there couldn’t possibly be any more, they came up with another one.  How are they always doing that?

Do large groups of people, full of commotion, camaraderie, and a cacophony of sound (I love alliteration), energize me or do they send me reeling away in search of a quiet corner?

Simply put, yes.

When I’m in the mood, I can feed off the energy of a crowd, it can get me going, pump me up and keep me up, moving, interacting, dancing, all through the night and past the wee hours of the morning.  I’m a dj.  I know how to feed of the energy of a crowd.  I know how to take that energy and spin it right back out so that others can feed off my energy.  Let’s get this parted started!  Let’s keep it moving!

However, I’m not the 18 year old kid I was when I first stepped behind the decks and started spinning those black circles round and round.  There are definitely days when I’m just worn out to the core already and having that wall of sound all around me, having those people with their questions and their movement and their need for attention, is just more than I can handle.  The sound is like lightning, in a bad way, flashing across my brain.  (Yes, I meant lightning there, not thunder.  Sheesh!  Who is telling this story?  May I continue?  Okay, here we go…)

So, sometimes I love the crowd and sometimes I hide from the crowd.  In general, I’d say that’s probably pretty normal.  Hmm, but since I’m the jester I shouldn’t do “normal” right?  So, never mind, scrap the rest of the post, and here’s the answer:

I’m an entertainer!  Bring on the people!  Bring on the noise!

Are you not entertained?

21 thoughts on “what day is it?

  1. When I saw this prompt, I knew I didn’t even need to write about it. I’ve already written plenty about it in my posts. I am an INTJ. I am proud. Hear me roar.

    Just don’t get too close to me…

    • *from a safe distance* I understand. I often feel that way about a lot of the daily prompts – those who stop by the kingdom with any consistency already know exactly how I’m going to respond and could probably right the post for me, but… I’ve also found that if I play along with the daily prompt every day I get more people stopping by my blog – going along with your relevancy comment from the convo over on your site.

      • Yes, I really should do the prompts more. I’ve done a total of one, and I made a mockery of it. Worse, I posted it two weeks late. Guess I’m not much of a conformist. I’m still trying to figure out how Le Clown got me to do a guest post. I never do that either, only because I’m trying to spend more time on my novel. But, you know, he’s Le Clown, and he’s magnificent!

      • I can imagine it would be difficult to deny Le Clown anything… yeah, anything. I said it.
        But, I’m just an ordinary run of the mill jester, so I can get away with saying things like that.

      • I remember scoring a 30 out of 30 on the introvert at work and someone calling that out. Apparently, that is freakish and has never happened. So what did they do? Announce it to everyone…the irony will never escape.

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