this is not a post about my cats

Last week UndercoverL made a few comments about her respect for me diminishing with each post I did containing cats.  I was hurt.  I was appalled.  I understood.  I promised I’d do a post with a dog meme.

troll dog

We are a kingdom of our word.  Promise fulfilled.

Return next week for more kitty goodness.  You know, if you are into that sort of thing.

Also, apparently hanging out with the jester isn’t necessarily a great idea.  You should take that into consideration before making any plans.


13 thoughts on “this is not a post about my cats

  1. Hahaha! On the one hand, I can see UndercoverL’s point. After all, the Web is inundated with this curious obsession/fondness/mindless banter over these adorables. My family is allergic to cats. And so, we nod understandably when people gush. But we can’t really join in.

    However, we are pet lovers too. I have been guilty of posting Beau (our new Great Dane puppy) events on my blog, most especially when he has been up to some amusing antics lately. And so, I will suspend my judgment that thematticuskingdom is being degraded by these recent additions to your family. 😉

    • Haha! Well, it’s not like they are all I post about. They are just another feature of the kingdom, right? I think UL is just a bit too touchy on the subject… perhaps her issues stem from something more severe than an allergy? Some sort of traumatic childhood incident?

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