Guest Post: Jenn tells a story of stories to come

Jenn wanted to play along, when for guest bloggers I did ask.
A doodle we did crave from her, so we sent her forth with that task.
Exceeding expectations, that’s what she does, far and above.
So, after you view and read the below, go and show her some love.

TMK doodle

Twas some 200 plus posts ago
That the jester came to vanquish thee
Invaded the blogosphere, a style of his own
Flamboyant in words strung together with wit
And humour and the ace of pun up his sleeve

Alas poor jester his life forever to change
That bun in the oven is almost done
Sleepless nights and fun filled days
Laughter and joy and bemusement abound
Tears of joy, tears of frustration (perhaps)

For the prince or princess of his kingdom
Will soon make their entrance
Introductions to movies and music
‘The Princess Bride’ no doubt to be watched
Again and again and again … and some more

But what of Disney and cartoons galore
Of mind-numbing jingles and nursery rhymes
Of kids TV and brightly coloured toys
Of restless nights walking the babe
Life will never again be the same … ever

The jester to be father in his kingdom
Stories to be told over and over
One hopes his memory is good
As requests to repeat last nights story please

No dad you got it wrong ..
Hey dad you missed a page …
Please dad another chapter ..
I am not tired yet, really i’m .. not ……

So tell me dad of the jester please
Of his kingdom and those who visit it there
One more time … or maybe twice…
Or perhaps just endlessly

And perhaps you might tell me a story new?


Are you geeking out yet?  You should be.  I am!  When you think you have settled down enough to enjoy more of her awesomeness without blowing a gasket, check these other treasures over at her Serenity Space:

29 thoughts on “Guest Post: Jenn tells a story of stories to come

  1. Thankyou so much Matt for allowing me to guest post … It was certainly fun throwing my neurons into gear and deciding what i could do 🙂

  2. Reblogged this on The Serenity Space and commented:
    Matt from the Matticus Kingdom asked me to guest blog for him … What a delightful request … I couldnt resist, expecially when he suggested something doodled perhaps. This is what I came up with. Matt and his wife are currently awaiting their first born. I recalled what I was told that life would never again be the same. A delightful story teller is Matt. I can certainly see his child requesting nightly stories as they fall asleep 🙂 thankyou so much Matt for allowing my imagination to run riot 🙂

  3. Wow! I am impressed! Awesome!

    On another note … can’t wait to see you the jester’s sleep-deprivation-and-Disney-induced blogging …. mwah ha ha ha! Just kidding … I know the jester will be a pro. And the crazy days to come … they are a blessing and a gift. 🙂

    Great post Jenn!

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