the son of an engineer

That sort of says it all, right?

I’d love to say that I was the type of person who never planned out anything and was always content to just go with the flow, let spontaneity rule the day, make and change plans on a whim.  And, while I am very good at going with the flow, I’m Gumby, I can bend without breaking whenever needed, I’m not comfortable unless there is a plan in place.

It can all get scrapped, switched up, recreated, and set to the side, but I’m not comfortable unless I go into something with an action plan, a road map, a set of guidelines.  From travel to my day to day routines, I want/need to start each day knowing (or at least thinking I know) what I’m going to be doing that day, when, and where.

Except, when it comes to writing.  I hardly ever make an outline ahead of time for any of my writing projects, I just sit down and see where the words take me.  Using this post as an example, I had no idea I was going to use writing as a caveat to my “need for a plan” mentality until I had come up with the Gumby comparison.

Yes, I’m silly like that.

What about you?

13 thoughts on “the son of an engineer

  1. I’m very much a, by the seat of my pants kinda girl. I like knowing what’s next in everything, but as far as planning anything I prefer to let things unfold with out much intervention.

  2. Haha, once you have a baby, any plan you make will be rendered useless. Something as simple as going to the grocery store can be waylaid by a fussy baby, or a monster diaper. The older you get, the more you will realize that the only thing you can control is your attitude, but certainly not your plans for the day!

  3. I am really the same when it comes to writing. Everyone has a process that works for them and provides some enjoyment or they probably wouldn’t do it. I would like to plan, yet I always go back to the old saying, “If you want to see God laugh, show him your plan. ” I think it is interesting that you are a planner in your life activities and free wheeler in you writing. It reminds me of a talk I saw by Tony Robbins, he claimed that two of the things people need to have to be happy are routine that you can count on with spontaneity and surprises mixed in. So that makes perfect sense. 🙂 Way to think and write Gumby!

  4. I’m exactly the same – plan to death at work, but when writing have not a clue (sadly obvious I think). Last night I agreed to chair a Governors’ Meeting without any preparation, arrived a few minutes late, sat down and winged it. I’m not saying it was brilliant, but I find it easy to do. I feel like schizo-Gollum soem days – “Plan, my precious, plan for the nice EBL!” “No, no, no, we don’t need n nasty planses!” 🙂

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