Really?  Really, WordPress?  Really?

It’s inconceivable that you think I could narrow down the movies that I enjoy to pick a favorite.  I could pick a favorite twenty-five, maybe… in one genre… that I’ve watched recently.  And that would just be the first twenty-five I could think of.  After hitting publish I would think of least five more I should have included.

It’s inconceivable that if I were somehow able to pick one movie that I could then pick one line from that movie.  If you are a follower of my silliness you’ll already know that every Friday I’ve been putting together a post that is full of quotes from movies.  There are just too many good lines to select only one.

It’s inconceivable that I could play along today.  Not even with “my brains, his steel, and your strength.”  Not even if it were “as you wish” it were.  Not even if it were necessary to survive the terrors of the fire swamp.  Not even if it were the only way to survive the machine.

It’s just all too inconceivable!

Then again, maybe that word doesn’t mean what I think it means.

And, in any case, I guess I have played along.  I’m silly like that.  I am the jester, after all.


58 thoughts on “Inconceivable!

  1. I wen’t, “HEEEEY!!!!” – I had trouble figuring out what my favorite would be, so I went with the one that was the most meaningful quote.. (to me that is..)..
    Why are we given so hard tasks, I actually have to use my brain – and that hurts..

  2. HAhahaaha! I thought of you when I saw the prompt. How could WP do this to you!? Glad to see you came up with a way to avoid it while participating, all at the same time! Nicely played! This was hilarious 🙂

  3. Great job! Don’t let anyone limit your creativitiy. 🙂 You knew I would read this and comment just based on the title alone! I had no choice, It was like I was forced to storm the castle! Thank you for the chuckle, I needed it this morning.

    • Go with “As you wish” for your post title, and then talk about all the nice things you do for other people…
      Or, go with “Hello, my name is fibot” and do a little “about” post.
      Or, go with “No more rhyming, I mean it,” and then write a poem.
      You can do it! 😀

      • haha, yes I do need to do my about page!! All good ideas, I might do if I have the energy later. I might not though.

    • The funny thing about that is if we go back to the very first of my QandA posts, it was actually in response to a different daily prompt. 😛
      But, hey, I’ll take the credit anyway, so thanks! 😀

    • I guess you could have flipped it on WordPress and used a quote from your least favorite movie… That could have been hilarious. Hmm, actually, you could still do that and it would still be hilarious!
      I think I’d pick something from Borat or Napolean Dynamite…

  4. Lol – I had that the other day with a very good friend of mine.He asked me what my favourite film was. I told him Grosse Pointe Blank but then I also regard Princess Bride as my favourite too – don’t make me choose! Classic films that have perfection in every frame, I never get bored of them no matter how many time I see them!

    • Oh, Grosse Pointe! That is a great film too. I’m going to have to pull that one out and watch it again. It’s not on TV nearly as much as Princess Bride is.

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