grumpy cat visits the matticus kingdom

grumpy cat

No pressure or anything…

Wednesday has been, recently, a day for me to post a silly picture of one of my kitties.  Fail.

I didn’t have a chance to get a good photo of either of them this week and if I had I wouldn’t have had time to add a silly caption.  Plus, I wanted to try out the meme generator that I’ve been hearing so much (and seeing so much) about.  Wrap that all up and, voila, we get this post.

Yeah, I think that says it all.

Hopefully it at least made you chuckle.  If not, please leave your complaints in the comments section and I’ll do my best to be funnier in my retorts gracious in my responses.


23 thoughts on “grumpy cat visits the matticus kingdom

  1. My respect for you diminishes in direct proportion to the number of cat memes I find on your blog. LOL cats? No, ROLL cats. Roll them under my tire as I back out of the garage. (Ironically, this is how my dad was certain my cat– the only good cat in the world– was dead. He backed over him. It was an accident and they were pretty sure– or told me– that he was dead before they ran him over. I am sure they were lying to me. I feel remarkably little sadness about sharing this story.) -.-

    • Hooray! I’m glad you liked it. I doubt grumpy cat was impressed though. It’s going to take more than my brand of silliness to crack a smile on that sour puss.

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