the A, B, C’s of it all

abc award

I was nominated for the ABC Award by Zen A. of Zen Scribbles  – and the requirements for this particular award: all you have to do is, for each letter of the alphabet, write about something relevant to you.

Here’s my list.  You might just see a theme….

Day After Tomorrow
Eight Mile
For Love of the Game
I, Robot
Joe Versus the Volcano
Kingdom of Heaven
Lord of the Rings: Two Towers
Magnificent Seven
National Treasure
Open Range
Princess Bride
Quigley Down Under
Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves
Short Circuit
V For Vendetta
X-Men: The Last Stand
Young Guns

You may think I’ve cheated, but I think the above list says quite a lot about me.  And it’s all you are getting today anyway, so neener, neener.

Here are my nomiations, they do have Awesome Blog Content, but mostly I just want to see what they write:
matrone bell

Show me what you’ve got!

38 thoughts on “the A, B, C’s of it all

    • I thought I might get some flack for that… Even though they butchered the Dark Phoenix story line (butchered isn’t even a strong enough word); I still liked the movie more than the first two. “That’s why you send the pawns first.”

      • It felt like two movies crammed into one. They should have just wrapped up the Magneto storyline and kept hinting at Phoenix for part four.

      • I agree – they could have done so much more with that – it definitely could have been at least one movie on its own, if not more – probably could have been a trilogy.

      • Same thing happened in Spider-Man 3. It’s like when they get to part three, they get tired of it all, and try to cram everything together.

      • Spider-Man 3 broke my heart. The second one is one of my favorite superhero movies (“Go get ’em, Tiger.”), I’d probably have in my top ten list of all movies. And then they came out with 3… Too many story lines trying to get twisted together and it was a complete disaster. My wife, who enjoyed the first two movies, kept asking when we were going to watch the 3rd one (I had seen it without her) and I told her “never, ever, ever, am I going to subject you to that, the series ends with the 2nd one, and the bittersweet image of MJ watching Spidey swinging off to save the day again.”

  1. Haha, clever way to answer this! And I must commend you for your excellent movie choices too! Though I’m curious; why did you go with The Two Towers? =o

    • Which is exactly why I nominated you! Wanted to see what you would come up with in response!

      It dawned on me at some point today that if I had it to do over again, instead of movies, I’d do an A – Z of the blog posts that have meant the most to me since I joined WP.

    • Inconceivable?!! It’s only one of the great movies ever made. Romance, true love, sword fighting, comedy, Andre the giant, pirates, secret plots, mystery… It’s perfect. But, if you don’t like perfect, who am I to argue with you. As you wish…

      • It’s probably the one of the worst movies I have ever seen!
        It’s old, doesn’t make any sense what so ever to anything and it’s not girly princess movie thing-a-ma-jig!

        Yes, there is a level of “girly princess movie”!

  2. Thanks for thinking of me! I’m probably not going to take this one on (slightly busy over here, haha) but I appreciate it.

    • No worries at all. 😉 Busy? Busy? It’s not like you are trying to sell one house and move into another one… Oh, it is like that? Oh, yeah, then of course you get a pass. 😉

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