Oh, the places I’d go

My plans for the next seven days have cleared, my schedule is wide open, and I found $10,000 on my dresser!

What to do, what to do…?

First, I’d go back to sleep.  I’ve heard that I’m not going to be getting much of that in the near future and so I should be enjoying it now while I can.  Besides, with seven days ahead of me to do whatever I want, there’s not real sense of urgency to get up and going.  I’ve got plenty of time to get to everything I want to do.

Second, I’d make myself a proper breakfast: eggs, sausage, hashbrowns, toast, strawberries, cranberry juice…  Maybe I’d make an omelet with some mushrooms and cheese.  Maybe I’d make a little breakfast burrito.  But, I’d know I’d need to get some good food in me to get me kick-started on my seven day adventure.

Third, I’d shower and brush my teeth and get dressed for the day and get myself out of the house.  I know that seems kind of obvious, but it’s important not to overlook any details when making such important plans.  You need to make sure there is time for everything you want to get done and if you don’t factor in the small stuff it can add up and make you miss out on something else.

Fourth, I’d get in my car, drive to the bank, and deposit the money.  I don’t live in the worst of areas, but I still wouldn’t want that kind of cash just sitting around collecting dust.  And there is no way it’d fit in my wallet.  If it was just a few large denomination bills who would be able to accept them anyway?  It’s hard to find places that will accept $100’s these days.

Fifth, I’d head home.  Log on to WordPress and catch up on all the blogs I love to follow that I’ve been neglecting this week, write a few new posts while I was it, work on the novel I’m editing, work on getting the novel I’ve finished ready to be sent to a publisher, work on finishing my comedy western, finally think of a name for my comedy western, make some more food, make even more food, do some chores around the house, pet a kitty or two, and then head off to bed early.

Sixth, I’d wake up the next six days and repeat the whole process from the day before (except for the running to the bank errand, of course).

Why nothing more grandiose than that?  Would I really just bank the money?

You bet I would!  Apparently kids are expensive and that money is already spent anyway so I’d just be paying myself back.  I certainly wouldn’t be going on any grand adventures right now with my wife and there isn’t like she could, or would want to, get on a plane right now or spend long hours in a car.  Besides, our greatest adventure is just around the corner anyway.

25 thoughts on “Oh, the places I’d go

  1. I like the way you’re spending week… especially when it comes to sleep. I think I too would bank the money, though for different reasons. With a wedding coming up this year, I think I need to save every penny and spend later!

  2. My first kid was expensive. By the time I got to number three I realised all you need is clothes, a set of cloth nappies and a pair of boobs, all that other baby crap hardly gets used anyway. Good luck with your new bub. It will be great. You won’t miss the sleep, much.

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