They postured that a post that uses only 25 of the 26 letters would be rather hard, and to attempt such a feat where the unused letter was a vowel would need a large amount of bravery.  Such was the challenge.

The challenge was accepted.

Have you found the letter left out?  Does the fact a vowel goes unused make the letter easy to see?  Who has the harder task, the reader or the author?

Once there was a post,
That used not all but most,
of the letters of the alphabet,
A challenge, not a regret
Have you enjoyed the nonsense,
Or have you zoned out hence?
A pox on the whole lot,
Bravery needed was not.
Go and take that to the bank,
The challenge was a query, not a prank.

49 thoughts on “Bravely

  1. I am very impressed. I think you did wonderfully, I think you can write anything. I have given this page enough I’s to make up for the lack of them in your post!

    • Hah! Nice. I was going to count out all of the letters included, I even had them all typed out and had begun to enter them in (there were 46 “a’s” by the way) and then decided that I wasn’t feeling quite up to that much counting today.

  2. Definitely a brave challenge, but you shouldn’t have mentioned it was a vowel missing, it made it too easy to find the missing ‘i’. But you did a fantastic job nonetheless. 🙂

  3. I was gonna leave them all out except for 2 and my response to the challenge was going to simply be “no” lol. I decided against it last minute. Very good post!

  4. Was actually easy to spot . . . AFTER you asked which was left out . . . when not looking, everything can disappear without even a second glance! 🙂 Good post!

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