A noise woke me from my slumber.  I call it slumber, not sleep, because I had only been dozing off and on throughout the night anyway.  We’d tried to go to bed early, tried to be good knowing the hectic days we both had ahead of us, but as is often the case: that knowing that we needed to be sleeping made it that much harder to actually sleep.

The noise had been a crashing sound.  Something in the room or the adjacent bathroom being knocked over and tumbling down to the ground.  A cascade of noises, really, with a solid thump to cap it off.  The cats, I thought as the last strings of my tentative hold on sleep were severed completely.

I checked for pressure, weight, on my feet or next to my legs and found none there.  That absence solidified the truth of the situation, the source of the noise.  Definitely the cats.  What are they doing up so early?

Maybe it’s not early?!  Panic hit me like a ton of bricks.  My chest heaved with the blow, my mind reeled, and my arms flailed towards my clock.  Am I late?  Did I sleep through my alarm?

I pulled the clock towards my face, so I could read the time without putting on my glasses.  4:38…  My sleepy brain took a moment to do the math.  I still have 22 minutes I can sleep.

I heaved myself back into a sleeping position, pulled the blankets back up under my chin and sighed heavily.  And then I stayed there, awake, listening to the cats getting into trouble, until the alarm went off and I got up to start my (now even) long(er) day.

37 thoughts on “panic

  1. I feel your pain man. Seriously. I went to bed at 7 and was back up at 9, mostly because my wife was slowly pushing me out of the bed. I’ve been wide awake ever since on 2 hours of sleep. Sometimes sleeping just doesn’t work out.

  2. don’t you just hate that?? we used to have a beast of a cat who slammed into the blinds in our bedroom EVERY freaking morning at 4:30…grrr…. the little freaker started spending his nights outside after that… LOL!!

    • Ah, poor kitty! I actually blame myself for this morning – because I went to bed early, and she sleeps with me, it through off her internal clock and so, she was ready to get up an hour earlier than normal. My fault. Totally. Or, she might just be a brat. Some days she get this look like she knows shes slowly driving me insane and she loves it.

  3. Lol you reminded me of what I’d forgotten .. I wonder how the kids nd ex cope now with our cats … I do not miss the early morning nips, swipes, head butts and banging on the cat door … One had the dreadful habit of grabbing cat door with claws pulling back and letting go until it banged against the closed glass slider grrr … Now i just have the pooch flopping beside me til i get pushed out of bed lol lol … Ahh sleep will never ever be the same again daddy to be … Grab it where and while you can 🙂

    • sleep? it is already a foreign concept to me… I know I should be better about getting it, I just can’t seem to make it a priority. Maybe in the next few weeks…

      One of my cats had me up at 4 this morning. Good times. And I think they both like banging the cupboard doors they can’t get in to, but they can partially get the door opened before the kiddo/kitty lock kicks in.

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