some people have rules, Murphy has a law

It was a day like any other.
The sun had risen and people went about their routines.
Not I, though, for my alarm had failed to go off.
And that was how it started.

Panicked, late, I jumped in the shower,
The water was icy cold and showed no signs of warming.
The pilot light, again, must have shut off.
Late, and cold, it was well past when the house and I needed to be parted.

Toweled down, clothes thrown on, I went in search of something to ease my hunger.
The fridge light came on to illuminate shelves that were barren.
My stomach growled, as did I, but there was no way to turn it off.
Out the door, still cold, where it was cold, the day had already been charted.

Into the driver’s seat I slumped, I turned my keys in the ignition to light the fire.
It turned once, then twice, then there was nothing.
I cursed, and shook my fist, I’d have to call the day off.
Everything that could go wrong, had, and none could be righted.

I crawled back into bed, and hid under the covers.
I’d sleep until it was safe to come out again, but then the alarm started beeping.
I swiveled my arm to smash it and turn the noise machine off.
I fell out of bed, and I have to tell you, I hit my head and it smarted.

17 thoughts on “some people have rules, Murphy has a law

  1. We have all had days like that! Well done. I don’t believe in Murphy’s Law or bad luck, but if I had a day like this now, perhaps I would change my mind! A great treat to read this in the middle of the day. Makes me a bit more motivated. Thanks Matt for the motivation.

  2. I am imagining the sequence as I read it and it’s quite comical! Been in that unfortunate situation before! Ya, better to hide under the covers if you can. But do remember to silence any devices that may go off!!!

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