spin, spin, spin the black circle

A bird in the hand was worth two in the bush when I purchased my turntables.

I knew that I shouldn’t deplete more than half of the money I had in savings.  I knew that it was a big risk and I’d probably never make that money back through gigs.  I knew the smart thing would be to either buy cheaper turntables (rather than the top of the line ones you’d find in clubs) or to be realistic and buy nothing at all and continue to save that money for life.

But, at that time, having those turntables and getting to learn on them and become a DJ for a few years was worth far more to me than anything in the future I could have used that money (and the interest it would have accrued) for.

Spin me right round, like a record baby.

25 thoughts on “spin, spin, spin the black circle

  1. Great for DJing … but also great for listening to records! My hubbie and I collect old vinyl …. nothing has quite the same sound quality as a record played on a turntable. (I love my 60s albums especially!) Soooooooooooooo….. imho, a turntable at the top of the line is a great investment!

    • One, sure, yeah, I could have justified that too. But, I bought two… Also, there is a difference between a good turntable for listening to music (in the $300 range) and the good turntable for using in a nightclub (in the $600 range). I actually have 4 turntables at the moment…

  2. Kickin’ it old school with the turn tables. Can’t believe I just wrote that. There is nothing reasonable about doing what you love. I am sure it was a great experience to be a dj. Thanks for the allowing me to write, Kickin’ it in some sort of relevant context. Makes me feel much younger today!!

  3. Sometimes you just have to jump.
    Some things are worth the leap 😉
    I have nowhere to listen to my old vinyls on – maybe I should start looking around – those will be memories!!

    • There are lots of good options for turntables that also function as ripping device to convert to digital format – so, while you are listening to your old vinyl albums you can also be transfering them to your computer to have them in that second format as well.

      • This I know – even know people that has them – just have not gotten around to actually doing anything about it.
        but, if you grew up with seven singles and LP’s the way I have, there’s a whole ritual to listening to records 😉
        It’s part of the memories we try to recreate…

  4. I know you are going to hate me for saying this-but my granddad had a much older version of this and we used to LOVE playing old records on them. I’m glad you went for it and bought it anyways because when you are 50 and have 5 kids/dogs and your monetary focus is them, you won’t have to look back and wonder, what if?

    • That’s a very good point – because at the time I didn’t have any. Now I have four turntables; including one from my grandparents that plays 78’s as well as 33’s and 45’s. I think eventually I’ll be able to get rid of all 3 of the other turntables, but I will always keep the one that was my grandparents’.

  5. And? And now my turntables have been split up. One is safely stowed in my DJ case with the mixer and other mixing goodies. The other is still set up to play records but only until I get digitize my record collection – and then it too will get hidden away. I’m not sure I will ever get rid of them, but I can’t foresee a time in the near future when they will get set back up. They had a good run though – purchased in 2001 and set up until the end of 2012….

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