mmm, delicious

My most satisfying meal?

Asparagus – tossed in olive oil, sea salt and pepper – layered on a tin foil tray that gets placed on a grill directly over the coals for a few minutes and then moved off to the side to cook until that perfect point where they are no longer crunchy but they aren’t quite soggy either; al dente, perhaps?

Corn on the cob – buttered – wrapped in foil and tossed on the grill.

Filet Mignon – rubbed down in pepper (and maybe a few other spices) and just a touch of sea salt – placed on the grill with a pat of butter on top for five minutes, flipped for another five minutes with another pat of butter on top.

Garlic Bread – a hunk of soft deliciousness buttered up and sprinkled with garlic powder – tossed in the oven until the butter and garlic powder have melted together.

Salad – romaine, spinach, tomato, carrots, sunflower seeds, pecan bits, dried cranberries, feta, italian dressing.

Wine – pinot noir… though, I’m not really picky and a Newcastle would be just as good.

And the great thing about this meal?  I can have it whenever I want because I’m the grill master extraordinaire here in the Matticus Kingdom.

21 thoughts on “mmm, delicious

  1. I’ll have one “Matticus Kingdom Satisfying Meal” to go, please. Actually, do you deliver? I live in Columbus, Indiana. I can’t pay your mileage, but I’ll give you a generous tip.

  2. I’m drooling over the menu and it’s morning here in the UK. Although the steak could do with a little less cooking for my liking, has to have a little blood oozing. 😉

    • Oh, don’t you worry – with the charcoal already having cooled a lot since the asparagus had been on the grill for a long time before the steaks ever went on – the 5 minutes aside was a very nicely done medium-rare. There was plenty of oozing.

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