first ever official Matticus Kingdom Tug-of-War

For a limited time, we will be opening up the kingdom for a tug-of-war tournament.  Depending on the success of this round, we may make this a semi-regular event.

The rules (because all games must have rules, except Calvinball, of course):
1) Read the prompt.  (I know what you are thinking, “Reading, bleh, who wants to do that.  But if you don’t read the prompt then you won’t be able to fully play along.”
2) Choose a side.  (You have to pick a side in tug-of-war, that’s kind of important.)
3) Write a post that supports your decision.  (We don’t need an essay, and we don’t give bonus points for brevity either.  However, we will be your friend if you do something creative.)  (Kim also says you can just leave your answer as a comment and since she is awesome we are going to allow that.)
4) Link back to this post so the moderator can count your support correctly.  (Okay, you called our bluff, we’ll be your friend if you play along at all.)
5) There is no fifth rule – just seemed like there needed to be another one – oh, wait, I know:  The fifth rule of Matticus Kingdom Tug-of-War is “You do talk about it.”  To anyone and everyone.  That’d be great.

The winning side will be the one that gets the most support, and their reward will be the knowledge that they chose wisely and eternal fame across the kingdom. 

Doesn’t this sound like fun? 

Many thanks to Kim and Rara for helping come up with and formulate this idea.  They are amazing.  Go forth and check out their pages.  That’s not an order, per se, but it is an official edict.  (Yes, there is a difference.)


For the inaugural game, we have chosen the prompt:  Which came first – the chicken or the egg?

The Matticus Kingdom is throwing our support behind “the egg.”  We have concluded that there must have been a mutation at some point along the way where a prior species of animal created an egg that became the world’s first chicken.  That’s all very science-y, right?  That’s how we roll.  Well, science and magic anyway… they are kind of the same thing.

You want to play, right? 

  • Choose a side
  • Make a post and link it back to this one
  • Or leave a convincing argument in the comments 

(Rara, in her infinite wisdom has decreed there should be an offical timeframe related to when the winner will be announced…. yeah, she’s a smarty like that.)

The ruling powers here in the Kingdom have decided that participants have one week (a full seven days) to throw their support behind one of the two answers.

Our official counter (yeah, we have a guy for that) will add them up and then one of our minions will post the results on 3/1/2013: bestowing glory upon the winners.

And, we’ll all live in a better world for finally having solved one of the oldest problems to plague our thoughts.

56 thoughts on “first ever official Matticus Kingdom Tug-of-War

  1. Great idea I will be choosing a side and posting it as soon as possible, well within the week time frame. Although I often procrastinate but I will try to stay focused, add it to the list and get it done.

    • We have typing muscles? Oh dear… I think that’s been my problem all along. They’ve never been stretched or developed or…
      Wait, if I can type 80+ words a minute does that mean I do or don’t have typing muscles? Interesting… 😛
      Happy stretching! And typing, which I assume comes after the stretching.

  2. Can I just play safety patrol and tell everyone to REFRAIN FROM WRAPPING THE ROPE AROUND ANY PART OF YOUR BODY? Remember: if you wrap, you’ll lose that crap. It happens. Really.

  3. Ooooh! Is it okay if I consult one of the legendary creatures for the answer? Perhaps Ouroboros will have the answer! And if it IS okay, I’m assuming I have to cite the source, correct? Do you prefer MLA, APA, Chicago Style, or a different method? 😉
    Great idea, by the way.

    • Can’t take full credit as it was definitely a group effort to come up with it (though Rara probably should get the most credit for coming up with the specifics on how we could put this game together). Site your sources? Please, this is the internet – you can’t post anything unless it’s true anyway, so no we don’t need to see your sources. I would definitely like to know what Ouroboros has to say on the matter though.

    • Oh snap! Well… well…. um…. well, that’s just brilliant, isn’t it. Dang… going to have to figure out how to work myself out of that conundrum for the next tug-of-war. Or, perhaps the next tug-of-war will be to decide once and for all the question that goes with the answer…

  4. I am usually one to take the side of the EGG, but just for fun, I shall argue for the Chicken.
    Through a process of evolutionary comedy some creature (of the chubby, groundwalking type) must have procreated with some other creature (of the bird type) and given birth to a chicken (NOT to an egg). Because the bird creature was so well endowed, the chubby groundwalking creature continued to procreate with him. Thus, many more chickens were born. So, how do we end up with chickens that lay eggs? Well, it’s simply a matter of genetic expression. The bird creature’s genes were dominate, therefore even though the chickens were born outside of an egg, they were genetically pre-disposed to give birth to their young inside of an egg.

    • Thanks for playing! Your Chicken support has been noted and we here at the matticus kingdom appreciate that you stepped outside what you normally would have supported to throw your weight behind the underdog, er, um, underchicken in this case.

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