if you can, a world without politics.  It’s easy if you try….

A world where neighbor looked out for neighbor and communities worked together to build and improve.  Why exactly do we need elected officials and a hierarchy of oversight?  So that life can be “fair” across the nation?  Across the world?

Without politics certain aspects of living would be more difficult – building and maintaining roads, schools, peace keeping, etc…  But, if we had only ourselves and our neighbors to rely on to get those tasks accomplished, don’t you think we’d come through and figure out how to work together in the end?

Imagine the sense of accomplishment, and how much more everything would mean to us because we put it together on a daily basis with sweat on our brow and calluses on our hands.

Is it anarchy I’m suggesting?  Perhaps it is….

71 thoughts on “imagine…

    • We are inherintly good, and I think sometimes the systems we’ve put in place “to make our lives easier” make it harder for that good to come out. Thanks for the comment!

    • I would think so… I doubt everyone is going to agree with that though. I’m actually looking forward to people commenting who disagree… I’m curious what they have to say.

      • Honestly, I think the changes in our society have lead to where we are now. People are more self-focused and are not as willing to help their neighbor. Therefore, to be “fair”, we have all these systems in place. It can be a hard thing to get past. I’ve found myself passing the downstairs apartment with a bag of trash and seeing all their bags left outside. I grit my teeth because you are not supposed to do that. If it’s not time for valet trash pick-up, you’re supposed to take them to the dump yourself. I was convicted that maybe I should knock on the door and ask if they would like me to take their trash. I’m going to try and remember that next time.

    • I think it would be an interesting study to see which happened first – the systems went into place to make things “fair,” or we stopped working with our neighbors to build the communities on our own? It’s probably a little of both… but, still, would be interesting to see which came first for each aspect of our over abundance of systems.

  1. I believe you are right on here. I think a world where people truly cared about the lives of their neighbors would be outstanding. I also agree that people would definitely feel more responsible and appreciative if they had a hand in creating all services. Great thought provoking piece here Matt. (just so you know, tomorrow is Friday. I’m expecting big things! 🙂 )

    • No worries about tomorrow – that one is written and just waiting for me to hit publish. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. Thanks for your comment on this one… am a little surprised by all the positive feedback so far. I was thinking people would be calling me out, saying we couldn’t possibly survive without government assistance in some form.

    • Oh! I hadn’t even thought of that perk. No more inane commercials. No more TV spots filled with talking heads who say little to nothing of any relevance. No more campaigning. No more election cycles. Oh, it would be a beautiful thing.

  2. When people talk about Anarchy, there is this assumption that without the police, people would just steal each others things and do everything that they could to take advantage of each other. Without the military to keep people under control, the thinking goes, people would just go next door and murder their neighbors. Interestingly, Often, when people kill their neighbors, it seems to be because of government or military direction, rather than despite it. One need only remember Rwanda and Bosnia as more than ample evidence for this.

    In our own lives however, we are lucky enough sometimes to momentarily experience fleeting instances of anarchy, to get a taste of what that world might be like. One that I got recently was when the blizzard hit here in Boston a couple weeks ago, our street was under two feet of snow and appeared to have been abandoned by the city, or at least put as a lower priority on some bureaucratic list somewhere, since it is not a main road. It went totally unplowed for several days. The result was that when everyone went out to dig out their cars, we all realized we were all in the same situation. We had a shared obstacle to overcome and we helped each other dig out each others’ cars/sidewalks/driveways. After the work was done, the day culminated with a block party in which neighbors, who had lived next to each other perhaps for years and never spoken, had a good time together. This might very well have been because without the government to save us, all we had was each other.

    Your post was thought provoking, thanks for writing it.

    • Wow. An actual story of a community coming together to solve a problem without government assistance. Thank you for sharing that! Glad you found my post thought provoking. Thank you for reading and commenting!

      • I have no idea what either of those things are but I’m guessing they have more to do with fishing than pants

      • I hand tie flys for fly-fishing = fly-tieing; basically bits of thread and feathers and other odds and ends made to look like a delicious bug (to a fish anyway)

      • Oh I see. I really like the ‘sitting by the water relaxing’ part of fishing, but I’m not much on handling bait and fish and stuff. That’s all a bit icky. I do like to eat fish though and I’m completely comfortable with my hypocrisy!
        Did you get my tweet?

      • Haven’t gotten the tweet yet, but haven’t checked my twitter feed very much today – it’s been a super hectic kind of day. I only eat fish that I (or someone in my family) catch in the mountains in the summer.

      • There’s no hypocrite in you then! I was wondering, seeing as how you’re doing so many guest posts lately, if you wanted to guest post on She Said What? (Can totally say no if you want)

    • Would love to guest post on She Said What? Hmm… I was going to ask for a prompt, and feel free to send one if you’ve got a good idea, but I’m thinking I might see what I can come up with around “He Said What?”

    • Hey, check this out: as a potential guest post.
      I know you sent the invition to allow me contribution on She Said What? But, the link isn’t working, or I can’t figure out how to create a post on your site (and it doesn’t show up as on option on my site)…
      I can’t decide if I really like my sort of nonsensical ramblings in what I’ve put together so far or if I hate it.

      • I think there’s plenty of room for another 7 billion people too, it’s resources that becomes a problem, and access to them. I do believe overpopulation is the single greatest economic and environmental threat facing the planet. I spent a lot of time in college studying this. I think globalization occurred too quickly for us to know what we’re doing also. The community mindset, small groups of people who don’t need governance – it’s going away. Everything is so fast now. so big and intense. Never just one human – always huge conglomerations of them. Just look at a corporation!

    • Some resources may disappear, and in our time of need we will figure out what we need to replace them with, or how to carryon without them. We are nothing if not resourceful, especially when survival is on the line. I’m not disagreeing with you though – I too believe we had a population explosion occur without really figuring out how we can sustain ourselves on the long run. It will be interesting to see how we cope in the coming years. Thanks for the comments (and sorry it’s taking me so long to respond.)

      • No I enjoy this discussion! At the end of the joy I like watching it all unfold. Have you read Alvin Toffler’s “Futureshock?” It was written in the 70s but everything he’s talking about is happening now.

        All those changes he talks about, how it’s too fast for us and not giving us time to adapt and set a course, is something I really like watching right now. There are so many ways to do it too, primarily with the internet. In my state in particular, Washington, pot is legal. Just watching the state reel in its effort to bring about a monumental change in one years’ time after 75 of prohibition…incredible and entertaining.

        Overpopulation still freaks me out though.

      • Haven’t yet read “futureshock,” will definitely have to check it out. Yes, will be interesting to see how WA and CO deal with the new laws… or, lack thereof in this case I guess.

    • “For the people… by the people…?” Well, I guess we still elect them, but since we are so completely pigeon holed into the two party system, and you have to be vetted by one of those two parties to really stand a chance even saying we elected who we wanted doesn’t make sense because who knows who we would have wanted if we had more options to choose from. And “for the people?” Don’t make me laugh… for “getting re-elected,” for “paying off who helped them get elected in the first place,” for “lining their own pocket books,” for “anything but the people.” The system is broken.

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