above and beyond

Okay, raise your hand if you are familiar with a dinosaur named Rara?

Oh, you all already know her?  Well that’s convenient, not surprising, but convenient.

Still, you should go show her some Rawr love (as she would say) because she has truly gone above and beyond.  (You are following her on Twitter, too, right?)

Did you know she sent out Valentines to anyone who wanted one?  How awesome is that, right?  I’m not even sure that awesome begins to cover it.

Cute little Valentine's monsters.
Cute little Valentine’s monsters.

She didn’t just send me one either, she sent one for my wife.  Did I mention the above and beyondness of all of this?  Oh, I have?  Great, glad we covered that.  Honestly, I’m not sure what you are still doing here.  Go check out her site, right now!

25 thoughts on “above and beyond

  1. Haha, yayyyy you got them! I was so disappointed to see how tiny those cards were– the box was huge! Oh well, monster-valentines are pretty cool, regardless of size, if I do say so myself. 😉 I’m glad you and the lovely Mrs. got your cards! Happy Valentine’s Day!

    • I think I always remember that from giving cards back in elementary school – you see the big box and you think “oh, these are going to be great” and then get home and rip open the box to find the tiny little cards inside. Still, it’s the thought that counts! Can’t believe you went to all that trouble for as many people as probably signed up for it, and then even thought to include significant others. You truly are amazing! Hope you had a very Happy Valentine’s Day too.

      • Aw, no worries, anyone would’ve done it if they already had the valentine’s day cards. 🙂 The international ones were harder to calculate… I’m still not sure when they’re going to get them, haha! 🙂 I told you my handwriting was atrocious… I’m not sure why, either… my theory is that there’s a little gnome that lives in the handwriting area of my brain and jumps up and down making the letters all wobbly and incongruent. Darn gnomes.

      • I must have those same gnomes in my brain! Luckily, that means it was super easy for me to decipher your writing because it was just like mine!

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