cupid’s arrow struck true

My dearest WordPress,
You inspire and spoil and more.
Lost, if not for you.

Where would my words live,
If you were not here for me?
Unused in my head.

I was all alone,
Then you came into my life.
Match made in heaven.


40 thoughts on “cupid’s arrow struck true

    • cute and funny – that’s what we’re all about here in the matticus kingdom
      oh, and a touch of sarcasm too
      from time to time
      and some mystery and intrigue, and a few rants here and there, and hmmm… I guess we’re pretty much all about everything. 😉

  1. Hahahah so true! Well said Matticus! But two pieces of sagely advice from someone who has no experience in either department- one, WordPress is cheating on you, two-your wife will have your head for dinner unless your ode to her is longer,lengthier and written soon! LOL! Happy V day to both of you 🙂

    • advice one – yes, I’ve heard that WordPress is being unfaithful… that’s okay though, I think I knew it was going to be that type of relationship going into it
      advice two – very funny: yes, a poem for my lovely wife… I’ll have to look into that

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