What’s in a blog name?

The Matticus Kingdom

You asked why I chose this title for my blog and what it means to me and, being the benevolent ruler of the kingdom that I am, I shall entertain these questions from my royal subjects without complaint, and even deign to respond.

As some of you know, before I became ruler of the Matticus Kingdom I was just a lowly DJ – a jester of sorts, if you will – plying my trade here and there, but mostly in my own house, trying to make a name for myself.  My DJ name, my persona when I transformed into that character, was Matticus.

That name is a combination of two other names.  The first of which is my real first name: Matthew.  The second part comes from none other than Sparticus.  Matt(hew)(Spart)icus.  Now before you go accusing me of coming up with such a pompous moniker for myself, I assure you had no part in picking this name.  It was bestowed upon me by some friends in college due to my heroish ways: always coming to the rescue of people when they needed help. 

If I was in college now maybe my nickname would have been something like Mattda or HeHohew.  Matt(hew)(Hon)da.  He(lpful)Ho(nda)(Matt)hew.  So I can be very thankful those commercials came out later.  Really dodged a bullet there, didn’t I?

After spinning for a few years and really deciding what type of music I liked to play, I sat down one day and recorded a three hour long set that encompassed all of the genres that I loved.  It represented who I was as a DJ completely.  I titled it: The Matticus Kingdom.

When I started this blog, and knew that it would encompass all of the things I love about writing, there was really only one name that I considered.

50 thoughts on “What’s in a blog name?

  1. There you go! Great story. I think it is a great name. When I leave a comment I like to mention the person’s name so they at least know, I know something about them, so even though one would guess your name is Matt, it is good to get conformation. I think Matticus Kingdom is a apt and catchy name, and certainly one of a kind. Happy writing Matt!!!!!!!!!!(Extra Punctuation for the kingdom)

    • The kingdom happily accepts your punctuation contribution and will use it to stock our coffers. Matt works. Matticus works. DJ works. Though I am toying with the idea of switching that to WJ – Word Jockey.

  2. And there you have it, you have the same name as my son, and you spell it with two t’s as well. I also like your blog name, it’s unique and personal to you. 🙂

  3. Personally, I’d have gone with Hewspart as a nickname. Those poor neglected parts of Matticus need some love, too! I kid. I’ve always liked DJ Matticus. My fav DJ ever.

  4. Your kingdom is one of a kind that is for sure! I also like the humor you display, it’s refreshing with an old world twist. You chose well for the name of your blog. It seems to suit your character nicely. 🙂

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