Lovely and Inspiring

I’ve been nominated for three awards!  In less than 24 hours.  Oh my, oh my, and oh my…

AnnaDango nominated me for the Liebster Award – which due to some requirements (“new” blog and/or fewer than 200 followers) I have to decline.  But you should all check out this and this

What did you think?  Good stuff, right?  Right.  I hope you clicked on the follow button while you were over there so you can ride along with the Rat Diaries.


Ever had an addiction?  Steph has, and you can read about it here.  Once you are there, and I know you will click on these links because the power of my words compels you, you will also see that she has nominated me for the One Lovely Blog Award.

Or, for those who need pictures, this:

proper one-lovely-blog-award

It is kind of lovely isn’t it?  The award that it is.  My blog is … well, boring, plain, default.  Perhaps the words aren’t.  That may be up for some debate, but Steph at least seems to think they are lovely, and considering the source that is quite the compliment.  So, take a moment, right click on either of the two links above and open in a new window.  Or, you can open this link as well:  Go.  Read.  Now.  Enjoy. 

Yes, in that order.  I’ll wait.


Okay, she’s amazing right?  Glad we agree.  Now, on to business:

7 Things About Me:

1 – I may or may not have an addiciton to movies, battery acid, and/or grumpy cat memes.
2 – I’m a gemini.  I’m a gemini.  (Wait, did I just say that twice?)
3 – My favorite web comics are probably CAD and Questionable Content.
4 – I was accepted to college as a Bio-Chem major, graduated with a degree in Psychology and working in Banking.  It all kind of makes sense to me.
5 – I use: Way. Too. Much. Punctuation, in my writing.  Hmm, maybe you already knew that?
6 – I used to do crazy things on my rollerblades.  Crazy.  Things.  (See, what did you I tell you about the punctuation?) 
7 – I sometimes wonder when I’m going to feel like an adult.  Does that happen all at once?  Is it happening gradually over time?  Will it happen when I become a parent?  Will it happen when my parents aren’t around anymore?


(Drum roll please.)  And the new nominations for the One Lovely Blog Award are:


In other news, TheLoneSheWolf nominated me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award:


After you’ve clicked on those links, you should click on this one too:

(Links, links, links – this post is just one giant link fest, isn’t it?)

And now we are all agreed, yes?  Fantastic, yes?  Great!

7 things about me:

1 – I feel like we pretty much already covered 7 things about me today.
2 – I feel pretty much well loved through my blog.
3 – I feel happy, oh so happy.  (sing song)
4 – I feel like being silly.  Maybe I should go to Camelot?
5 – I feel like if you have made it this far down in this post you are my hero.
6 – I feel like if you have made it this far, and you leave a comment, and you click on all the links, you will be whatever is above hero status in my book.
7 – I feel like “7” is one too many things to have to post about myself. 

(Second drum roll please).  And the nominations for the Very Inspring Blog Award are:

42 thoughts on “Lovely and Inspiring

  1. If anyone deserves to be recognized for their writing it is you. Now I will always be looking at the punctuation on your posts. Even if it is perfectly appropriate, I will feel like it is too much. Conversely now I will be watching the punctuation that I use, to make sure there is no more than is necessary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

    • Oh. My. Gosh! You totally, I mean, absolutely, postively, completely, nailed the punctuation in your comment. I couldn’t have done better if I had tried. Right?! Right! 😉

  2. Okay, am I a hero!!!! I clicked every link and I made it all the way to the end. Oh, and thank you so, so, so, so, much for nominating me for The Lovely Blog Award. 😀 😀 😀

      • 😀 Now I’m blushing. Where do I pick up the costume, not pink mind you, too girly. Green and gold would be nice. Oh, and do I get a cape!! Please, please, please!!!!!!!! 🙂

      • “No capes!” I’m sorry, the designer has spoken – and had a few good reasons why capes are no good. Though if superman can get away with it, why shouldn’t you? Green and gold? How about something like Green Lanterns outfit? Only, more femanine of course.

      • Definitely. I love the Green Lanterns outfit… although I preferred it on Ryan Reynolds. And perhaps tight-fitting lycra is just a bit much for a woman my age. 😉

      • Well, as you offered… and age does surpass intellect… hang on, I think I just called myself stupid? Or did I… see what I did there. No? Well, I think my Superhero name shall be Confusion. I’ll bamboozle people with my mad incomprehensible skills. 😉

  3. Cangrats on all your awards! Grumpy cat is my official spokesperson most days, even though he’s a cat! I often think about what I will do when I grow up, and then I realise I am married with 3 kids and a mortgage. I think I might be doing it already. Your punctuation gives your writing a conversational style which I like. Thanks for the kind words!

    • Yes, I’ve got the mortgage and the car loan, and the marriage, and the two cats, and the bun in the oven – so I guess I’m an adult. I think when I was younger I just always assumed that at some point a flip would switch, like a rite of passage or something, and I would feel “grown up.”

  4. Congrats good buddy! And the cool thing is, every time you get an award we discover a little more about you. Te he he – me loves punctuation too! And I got a real thing for short sentences. The shorter. The better.

  5. Hello there. Congratulations x 3 to you. Thanks for the links. Keeping me company while I sit at home nursing this god-awful cold. From bio-chem to psych to banking? Interesting. But psych can be applied to just about any career. And real life too! 🙂

    • It is a good base for an education, I will agree with that, but as far as transfering anything specific from those classes into what I do day-to-day… not so much. Then again, I don’t know very many people who ended up in the industry they thought they would when they were in school.

  6. […] Sir djmatticus took upon himself to nominate me for this award. I can’t say my blog looks lovely, as I have a tendency to keep changing the damn thing. Perhaps he meant my actual posts? Again, not lovely, but I’ll accept his decision because he is a fellow Superhero and my (self-appointed) sidekick. What can I say but thank you, I honestly can’t believe you have awarded me two of these awards! High praise indeed. As before, I will accept it in a honourly fashion, on bended knee. Now everyone, go take a look at this and let him know how awesome he is. […]

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