rising from the ashes

He was almost there.  It was almost time.  And he was ready…  It had been a good life, but it had also been long and hard and he was very tired.

The phoenix, resplendent in reds and oranges, stretched his wings out to their full length one last time.  He turned his beak first one way and then the other, taking in the full expanse of his wing span.  There had been a time when his fiery colors could sprout fear in even the sturdiest warrior, but over time his hues had faded, muddled, blurred.  But, that was to be expected.  He’d gone through this process many times before.

Raising his beak to the heavens he opened his maw wide and gave voice to his final shriek, his last act in his current life.  His piercing voice echoed down the valley, deer paused in their foraging, lesser birds went silent, the few humans few called the valley home looked to the sky and trembled.  He couldn’t see any of these things, but he knew them to be true regardless.

With a brilliant burst of light that originated from his breast and spread outward with a ferocity and quickness no eye could catch, the phoenix burst into flame.  Every inch of him was consumed in the inferno.  As the last bit of his physical essence crumbled into ash there was a mighty flash that emanated down the valley just as his voice had seconds before. 

The magic had happened again, as expected.

His tiny beak poked out of the pile of ash, and he flexed his wings clumsily.  His feet teetered forward and he stumbled free of what remained of his prior life.  He was young again.  He was new again.  His colors were vibrant again and soon he would grow and take flight and be the fearsome king of the sky again.

31 thoughts on “rising from the ashes

  1. Nice, i like the way you described the whole thing!!! And also you reminded me of Fawkes from Harry Potter!!

  2. Great description. I looked at it as a great example of the human condition. I think we have all at some point risen out of the ashes of life’s little or big disasters. That is why I love the symbol of the phoenix. Great writing Matticus!

  3. Now this is the kind of reincarnation i can believe in.
    Rising from the ashes, starting life anew, while remembering what came before. Being given the chance to reinvent yourself.
    Beautifully written DJ 😉

    • Thank you for the compliment! Now that I’m thinking about this a bit more – I think one of the great things about being human is that if we choose to, we can reinvent ourselves as many times as we want…

    • Thank you! Yes, it does sound like a great way to go and start over… but, I think perhaps for someone who has a fear of fire it would probably not sound as good.

    • Oh my!!! Okay, first – love that you are so involved with my silly comedy western that you’d even think that. And, second – I’d never do that to you without some kind of warning. 😉

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