I sat down at the laptop to write

Honestly, I did.  I know I was sitting on my wondrously evil couch, but I hadn’t turned on the TV, and had no plan to turn on that infernal contraption either.  I was going to pull up one of my unfinished stories and write, write, write.

And then this happened:

(Sorry for the bad picture quality – these were all taken with the image capture utility on my laptop, and the only light in the room at the time was that being produced by the screen.)

Belle is just so ridiculously cute sometimes.
I think I’ll just squeeze in here between you and the computer. Yeah, that’s the spot.

I tried to adjust the angle of the screen so I could get a better picture, and then this happened:

That's her I'm thinking about ripping your face off look.
You better give me all of your attention.

I gave up on taking pictures, I gave up on writing, and then this happened:

Ah, to be a spoiled kitty must be an awfully big adventure.
More! More! More! MORE!!!!!

So, you see, I couldn’t write, I couldn’t edit, I couldn’t go out and read more of your blogs.  You all forgive me, don’t you?


41 thoughts on “I sat down at the laptop to write

    • She’s such a cutie. She and her sister (who is more camera shy) have the knack for jumping on our laps right when we are about to get up to do something else or were about to start doing some work on the computer.

  1. It’s a Cat Superpower. Humans are always forgiven for submitting to their masters and not getting anything else done 🙂 Can your cats also magically increase their weight? The more you want to get up, the heavier they get?

  2. Yup, Farfel does the whole I’ll-nudge-you-with-my-cold-nose-till-you-give-in routine too. If she can reach the keyboard, sometimes she’ll plunk her whole head down on the keys. That can be interesting.

    Loved the kitty post! Adorable!

    • I don’t think either of my cats like the keyboard part of my laptop – they’ll both go to great lenghts to avoid it. But, that doesn’t stop them from rubbing up against the screen, or walking across me so I’ll be forced to pet them.

      • Ah, yes…. brings back memories of Pedro (our cat, several years ago). He’d walk across my lap (including book) while I was reading. Pedro was weird … he’d do that till he got what he wanted — attention and rubbing his head — then suddenly he’d go all Jeckyll and Hyde and snap at me and run off. Do yours do that?

      • Sara is either completely hidden or completely sweet and begging for attention. Belle, however, will act like she wants to be petted, curl up on her back to expose her tummy and then just as you are about to pet her she’ll lash out. Sometimes she’ll cry and cry and cry while entwining herself around me legs and then she’ll jump at one leg or the other, and dig her claws and fangs into me. Sometimes out of nowhere she’ll lunge at my back and try to climb up onto my shoulder. And then there are times like last night where she is just the cutest little cuddle bug ever.

  3. Ah lovely! My cat walks onto my laptop and lies down on the key’s when she has had enough of me working instead of paying her attention too. 🙂

  4. So cute, and I have four and they do exactly the same. They will try to walk across the screen of my tablet, or push it out of my hands. Emotional blackmailers! Lol

  5. You have just provided me with more evidence that cats are evil incarnate. I mean, it isn’t enough that unsuspecting cat owners would be duped into taking pictures of them to proliferate the Internet, here one cuddles up (oh so unsuspecting) and totally disrupts your creative process.

    It’s time for an intervention, my friend. Get rid of the cat!

    • LOL!!! NEVER!!!! And, if I ever were going to get rid of her (or her sister) it would be because they wake me up at 4 in the morning, not because they’ve disrupted my creative process.

    • Big dog? Little dog? Drooly dog? Does your dog purr? My other cat has a little bark when she is startled or what’s to demand attention, it very much sounds like “roof!” (In a tiny little cat voice.)

  6. […] Belle immediately adopted me, in her own way, as much as she was the kitty that I picked out to take home with us.  She’s a trouble maker, and super cute and not at all like what I thought I’d be getting in a cat. […]

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