finish the adventure

The alarm went off early, much earlier than you normally would have set it for a Saturday, and despite the great urge to do otherwise you didn’t hit the snooze button.  Awake but not quite ready to move, you yawned and stretched and blinked your eyes a few times so they could adjust to the lack of light in the room.  The only reason anything was visible at all was due to the warm glow of a nearby street light filtering through the blinds.  The sun was still hours away from taking its first steps of the day into the sky.

As you lay contemplating a shower and some breakfast you were thankful you had decided to pack the car the night before because you certainly didn’t feel like having to do that at the moment.  Adventure was calling and you wanted to race out to meet it.  The excitement of the day, having drawn to a crescendo, became too much to stay idle.  You kicked off the covers and jumped into the shower.

Fifteen minutes later, scrubbed clean except for a tiny amount of sleep in your left eye, and seared from the scalding hot water, you toweled off, threw on the out fit you had set out before bed the night before and ventured into the kitchen to make a quick meal.  Two fried eggs, a piece of toast, and a banana, washed down with some orange juice, later and you tossed the dirty dishes into the sink to deal with when you returned. 

The minutes were passing faster than you had expected and you were anxious to be on your way.  A return to the bathroom to brush your teeth was followed by a quick run through of the bedroom to make sure you hadn’t forgotten anything.  Then, keys in hand, you were locking the doors and headed to the garage.  The door opened, the car started, and you pulled out, ready for another grand adventure, ready to be on your way to …


58 thoughts on “finish the adventure

    • Only if you want to, but it sure sounds like it could be a great story – an adventure to the artic circle. I’ll help you get started: “It was cold. It was always cold…”

  1. i put on my sunnies.. my bf waiting in his car… i hop in.. play some music… sing at the top of my lungs to piss him off.. today, we’re going island hopping! yey!! ^^ sigh. great story. you made me wanna go on an adventure.. i so need one right now! ><

    • Island hopping sounds good… as long as their are no boats involved. I think the interesting thing that is going to come out of today’s prompt is how varied our adventures can be and therefore how almost anything can be an advnture if that is how we choose to see it.

  2. To a game of overnight elderly Bridge. Because of the early Saturday vibe, you almost felt like a teenager in spite of your eighty years of living. The backing out of the driveway, however, felt like it took forever. After the hot shower, which scalded your skin, all other pains came rushing back and after contemplating whether to change your mind from the adventure that was Bridge, you drove six miles and sixty days to finally arrive at your usual doctor, who all but waited for you in his office. Once there, you realized you forgot to insert your dentures and put on your glasses. You could have driven through the closet and right into Narnia for all you knew. Sigh. What an adventure to try to remember most of the time. Next time camping in the back yard . . . 😉

  3. pick up your best friend…You hoped he’d be ready because he had a tendency to hit the snooze alarm one time too many. The roads were clear this early in the morning and you were thankful that those poor chaps who had to get up at an ungodly hour to plow had already been through. You sent up a mental prayer for city services and entered the highway. It was only a few miles to Randy’s house, and you had plenty of room left in the car for his bags and the tent. The rack on top held your new Specialized mountain bike and there was an empty spot next to it for his. You smiled into the bleary morning light and pictured the trails you’d be exploring later in the day as you headed south toward Bryce Canyon. Nothing beats a three day weekend, a best friend and some outdoor adventure. Your heart was already pumping fast.

  4. ………head straight back into the garage and run clutching your rumbling, volcanic guts before stumbling head first into the toilet because you remember that bananas make you feel incredibly nauseous. You barf for days in the white telephone, unaware that a nuclear holocaust has just wiped out humanity and you were somehow shielded from the blast, due to your proximity of the porcelain and banana vomit. You decide to off yourself because you are the last human being alive and the only thing that did not perish in the flames were bananas that you somehow have in your house, even though you’re the world’s biggest hater of them but this is an essential plot device to this, so let’s say that your sister likes them profusely (adored them, she’s dead now, just like all the others). So to cut a long story ending short (too late), you grab the 37 kilos of bananas (Tesco messed up on the order again but it was good for the points) and with a weary, resigned, grim determination and rueful sigh, start to peel off the flesh to expose the evil yellow death that awaits you.

    How’s that for an ending – it has family loss, nuclear holocaust, drama and bananas – I should get a Pulitzer for this!

    • *standing ovation* A Pulitzer for sure! When you submit it for consideration don’t feel like you need to give me any credit in a footnote or anything for getting you started – you can have all the “credit.” 😀

      • How generous – thank you Matt! I’m sure that when this particular piece goes viral and I’m swimming in more money than Scrooge McDuck’s Money Vault that I’m sure I could front you a beer and maybe even a banana too, if I’m feeling particularly generous myself!

  5. …the airport. The flight to the seaport was only two hours, but the new Kindle reader would get a fine workout. I had loaded a series of short stories for the ride and looked forward to the uninterrupted time. Sandy usually wanted to spend the entire time talking, but I never regretted a little sojourn of peace. With my extended hours as the premier cancer oncologist at the Children’s Hospital sometimes I just wanted peace.

    On the plane I heard the children’s gigles and voices like everyone else. However, unlike many of my fellow passengers, this was a sweet music to my ears. Too many experiences with children either weeping or lying silently in their beds had made me weary. That was the purpose of this trip, to refresh my mind and body. My chief of staff suggested this two years ago. Knowing I would never do so voluntarily, she was making it a mandatory exercise now.

  6. The biggest mountain I could find! I got out of my car, threw my backpack over my back and we headed off into the wild- unknown of what we would find. While tromping through the thick forest, I snapped my camera at the miraculous scenery- tall trees, spider webs, wildlife. All of a sudden we heard rustling in the bushes. Peering through the greenery we saw yellow eyes and a smirk with fangs. We ran- as fast as two backpackers could run- gear throwing us left and right and left. Our footage slips as we end our run and all we could see was down. We had one choice 1.) play tango with a wild beast that could effortlessly thrash us or 2.) jump. My boyfriend grabbed my hand, whispered “Trust Me” and ….. I lay still. Eyes swollen shut. I hear a loud beeping sound. My eyes manage to awake and all I see is white. I manage to turn my head to the left. 8:00 AM on a Saturday morning. Time to start my day and see where it takes me 😉

  7. …Ready to meet up with film crew who were anxiously waiting to film me collecting the 98 Million pound Euromillion prize fund cheque. I did feel a momentarial twang of guilt that I had held off on claiming the prize until the very last minute. Six months I had known and could not pick that phone up to say it was me, I had won, me, me, me. I was rich and I could not say a word. After all the nicri nisi was only finalised last week and my ex husband and his new 21 year old girlfriend had intimidated, bullied and made damn sure that I had no choice but to sign a total separation of finances clause in the divorce papers so I that didn’t get my share of his measly 120 thousand pound estate. More fool them.

  8. Tim Horton’s Donut’s, where his best friend was waiting with two tickets to the big game on Saturday at Madison Square Gardens. Getting away like this was risky, but DJ knew, that his loving wife would insist on equal time on 5th avenue. 🙂

  9. the largest ball of twine. Sure, when your buddy suggested it you rolled your eyes so severely that you almost fell over. However when they continued to explain that there was going to be an obstacle course 5K of epic proportions all outlined in twine your curiosity got the better of you.
    Now that your mouth wrote the check your body is up at this insane hour to cash it. After a quick stop at your buddy’s place you both buckle in for the six hour drive.

      • Hehe, glad you can appreciate the randomness that my subconcious comes up with. I’m not even 100% sure where all the pieces came from, probably my random roadtrip last summer, the foamfest 5k i’m doing next fall and the movie Entrapment are heavy influences. 🙂

      • Very nice. I keep thinking I’m going to have to do a “mud run” one of these days, but all the ones near me never seem to work out on day that’s doable. (I’m assuming that my mud runs are going to be similar to your foamfest… though, I think I’d much rather run and hurtle and tackle all the other obstacles they throw up me in the mud than anything having to do with foam.)

      • Oh, but this is the best of both worlds. Apparently it’s a combination obstacle course/mud run/foam run. You do the muddy obstacles first and then you can somewhat clean yourself up via the foam ones. Of course only when I actually complete the event will I know if it’s false advertising

  10. …the neon green sign, flashing in the windshield of the car: “Please insert 100ccs of blood to continue simulation”. The simulation pauses as you are temporarily removed from the serene setting. You realize that 100ccs of blood is a small price to pay to avoid the terrifying penalties set in place since the Vampire wars of 2037. Instead of wiping out the entire human race, the vampires created these “Reality Simulators” that allowed you to continue a virtually-identical world where you are not hunted for food at the small cost of a few vials of blood a day. You place your arm in the port hooked up to the reclined chair and wince as a needle shoots in your arm and removed the necessary payment. A pleasant chime rings in your ear to signal an approved deposit and the neon green sign disappears from the windshield and “reality” is restored. Now about that adventure….

    • Oh. My. Goodness. Twist and a half. But, now I’m more curious about the “real” world rather than the simulated adventure world. How/why did we lose the vampire wars? Is there an underground resistance movement? Can we choose to convert to a vampire if we want? What kind of regulations do they have for making sure someone doesn’t “doante” too much, or to keep rogue vampires from going outside the system to feed on their own?

  11. I would have a re-run of what we did on Saturday that I blogged about 4 times that day… So many blogs because I thought we were done.. But the spur of the moment events for us were so fun we never wanted it to end. Not real plan just whatever came our way… Literally we chased it 🙂

  12. …a destination that you had yet to learn.
    Sure, the witness protection programme shouldn’t be classed as an adventure, but the life you were leaving behind was worth the risk of something new. Especially with a pricetag on your head. How did you know the fat-cats of the £1-land empire would’ve hired a hitman. After all. the 99p Emporium was a brilliant idea. I guess the mantra ‘take care of the pennies and the pounds will take care of themselves’ had been taken a little too literally.

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