simple is as simple does

My phone:

It can surf the web,
And many splendid smart things.
I make calls with it.

Some may say: “What waste!”
That I do not use it more,
Fully utilize.

But I say to them:
My computer works just fine,
When I need the web.

And good cameras?
I have two, and that should do,
When I need to snap.

I don’t often text,
When I have questions to ask.
I make calls with it.

39 thoughts on “simple is as simple does

    • It is amazing the myriad of capabilities our phones have these days – I wonder at what point the definition of phone will need to be updated to include everything else we can do with them?

  1. Such a modern guy, so old fashioned in communication!! This post reminds me of my own harsh experience accepting the march of technology. I got my first text, that I knew of in 2006. I tried to answer my phone and thought they had just hung up. Then I realized there was a message symbol. I tried my voice mail, nothing there. Finally the light bulb came on and I realized, there was a message written there. I had no idea how to answer them. πŸ™‚ Yes technology has come a long way in our lives. Use your camera for pictures, your computer for the internet and your phone to call. Eventually they will come up with a phone that you can’t refuse! thanks for the poem. Fun to read.

    • I broke down last year and got a smart phone – and I do use it for text/web/camera/etc… But, not to the extent I see others using theirs. I don’t have unlimited text or data. I rarely use it to take a picture. I don’t know … this is usually the point where I say, “I don’t have facebook either.” πŸ˜›

      • After I read this I was trying to think about what I like about having a smart phone. I listed checking email, reading blogs, checking Facebook, always know what time it is, ignoring phone calls. I really don’t like to use it to talk to others at all.

  2. Nice! It’s good to know some people still use a computer, a camera, AND a phone, rather than all in one. I still use my computer to do most of my web surfing. I need a larger screen to see all I want to see.

    • Oh! And I still use my iPod too. I have a couple songs loaded onto my phone for emergencies, but haven’t seen the necessity to have a fun that can house all 80gbs worth of music I have on my mp3 player.

  3. My husband and I don’t have the most current phones either. His boss couldn’t believe he hadn’t converted to the IPhone 5. He was like, “Why, my IPhone 4 does everything I need it to do?”

    • Um… what’s an iPhone?
      Just kidding! Didn’t the 5 come out only a couple months ago? I see no need to rush out and get the latest gizmo and gadget with each new interation. The “free” LG smartphone I got when I switched to a data plan works just fine for me, thank you very much.

      • That’s how we feel! My older son and I have Samsungs. We don’t need all the latest gadgetry. And like I said before, my husband doesn’t feel the need to have it either. Besides, the latest ones have all the bugs and cost more too.

      • Exactly! (Though I will admit to a certain bit of envy/jealousy when I see everyone else walking around with their shiny new toys – though that quickly changes to puzzlement/disbelief: how do they afford it all?)

  4. lol – So true! I was going to do a post about how and why I don’t use my mobile phone like the younger generation, but you’ve done it so much better!

  5. This is ME too!!!! I have a simple cell phone. I hate typing on small screens. My emails and internet surfing can wait. Although, sometimes, the Google map function would be nice in the car. πŸ™‚

    • After having the GPS send us astray for the 15th time while trying to find something to eat in a random city at midnight while driving from point A to point B, I bought my wife and I smartphone so that we would have Google Maps when we needed it. That was it, that was what finally dragged me into this brave new world.

  6. What I always say (or I could just have made it up this minute, is that if a phone can cook meals and iron shirts, I’ll buy it. Otherwise, I’m sticking to the tried and true humble mobile. Like you I prefer to make calls on it.

      • Do you find that a positive thing or depressing? I opt for the latter. But then I’m a stick in the mud who hates progress. (Just joking, I’d love someone or something to do my ironing for me.)

      • neither positive or depressing… just a commentary on our society as a whole – we should never fight against progress and innovations because they could lead to a truly world changing discovery – but, we shouldn’t forget where we came from either.

  7. My phone – used for everything but communication.
    I have just a normal camera, and that’s usually in it’s bag at home, but the phone is with me always.
    I do most of my blogging and surfing on my computer at home, and admittedly, use the phone for reading more than anything else πŸ˜‰

    • I’ve tried reading on my phone, it just never got into a comfortable rythym. It dawned me last night, while talking to my wife on her drive home from work, that my entire post is kind of a lie – I use my phone for more than talking: I play games on it all the time. Oops.

    • I was going to say, “yes, me too,” but now I’m thinking about it and I wonder if I could adjust to life without a computer – I remember living without one, schooling without one, getting work done without one… I think I could probably return to that if I had to.

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