a super meal

What’s a Super Bowl Sunday without a little grilling?  Well, it wouldn’t be very super, that’s for sure.

Here’s what I started with:
The one bottle is turned on purpose - in case you were wondering.

4 ounce Sirloins rubbed down:
Yum, yum, and yum.

A little sea salt and pepper on fresh asparagus:
Green stalks of deliciousness.

Threw them on the grill:
The asparagus needs to be on a bit longer than the meat.

And then dug in:
Yep, that's garlic bread.

The verdict:  yum-tacular!

21 thoughts on “a super meal

      • Hah! Yes, that would be a super bowl. It’s the only football (throwball) game I watch every year – sometimes I watch for the commercials, sometimes I watch becaue I want to see the half time show (bring back Springsteen!), and sometimes I watch just because it is expected (that’s not a very good reason, I know, but when you know everyone will be talking about the game around the water cooler on Monday it is hard not to want to know what they are talking about).

  1. Looks great. Guess what! We had to watch the game over an early breakfast where we are! Good thing there were enough football fanatics here for some of us to get together and watch the game. Watching football while eating an omelet, fresh fruit and coffee felt—different! My hubby was having local sausage, eggs over easy and garlic fried rice, with some fresh tomatoes and fresh cucumber slices!

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