finger puppet

On a whim, decided to create a new word this morning: flangiprop.

But, what, oh what does it mean?

Hello, have you been paying attenion?!  It’s a new, fancier, more fun way to say: finger puppet.  The first part of the word, flangi, is derived from phalanges (refering to the finger bones).  The second part of the word, prop, is derived from theatrical property (refering to props).

Hey, is that one on the thumb Rarasaur?
Check out these awesome flangiprops!

(Photo Source)

When I was but a wee lad, I had a bunch of monster flangiprops that I played with while taking a bath.  They were my very favoritest toy for a long time.  Did you have any flangiprops you liked to play with growing up?  Still?  What were your favorite toys?

24 thoughts on “finger puppet

    • Ooo, interesting idea… I bet it is already too late; considering how many people responded before I did, they’ve probably already put in their paperwork for their own definitions. Really, I’ll probably be getting a cease and desist notice any minute now.

  1. My favorite toys were paper dolls; bought or cut from a catalog or magazine. I played with paper dolls until I was around 16. I would probably still play with them today, if I had the time. The sad thing is, none of my daughters enjoyed paper dolls and so far my granddaughters have not showed interest either.
    I would make up stories about them as I cut them out. Hey! Did I just hit on a writing prompt or what? 🙂

  2. The closest thing to a flangiprop is this bear called Jean Claude. He has done the rounds, belonging to me, my brother, my children and their children. He’s been put out to pasture now,poor thing.

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