decisions, decisions

Yesterday I posted about which five items I would save if my house was on fire.  Today I wanted to expand on that subject by discussing which things I wish I could have saved but had been forced to leave behind… in this hypothetical situation where my house burned down… and I was only able to save five things… though I still think I would have tried to put the fire out before it came down to a mad scramble to grab things on my way out the door, but that’s beside the point.

So, yesterday I saved five things, and today I’m happy to have those five things, but I am sad I wasn’t able to save………….. everything else. 

What a silly question, right?  I mean, if I didn’t want all my stuff, I wouldn’t have all of my stuff.  It’s not like I’d say, “Oh, I wish I had been able to save my DVD collection, but I’m okay with the bed getting burned to a crisp, I wanted a new bed anyway.”  Or, “It’s really too bad about my kitchen-ware melting down to puddles of goop, but I’m actually kind of happy the fire helped me clean out my closets.”

Or, how about this:  I wish I could have taken the fire out of the house – I’m sad I had to leave it behind to destroy my home.

4 thoughts on “decisions, decisions

  1. That last line is the best. Why doesn’t everybody just do that. I made it home yesterday, my house was not on fire. Hoping for the same luck today, I hope they give you a new prompt soon! Thanks for the entertainment.

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