on the clock

Today’s daily prompt tells us to set a timer for 10 minutes, hit start on the timer, write, and when the buzzer goes off to hit Publish, just like that, just that easy.

Ready, set, go:

Oh me, oh my, only ten minutes to come up with something to write about, flesh it out, make sure it is coherent and then hit publish… and how much time did I waste writing that out?  Because it’s not like I had a pause button and could stop it while I’m setting up this post, adding a tittle and some tags, etc…  Whatever, we do, time keeps on ticking into the future (*sing song*).

We all know that adage: nothing is certain in life except death and taxes.  Well, certainly we should add time to that as well.  It keeps on moving as the world keeps on spinning regardless of any of our pursuits or exploits.  Two minutes have passed now since I started writing and there was nothing I could have done about that passage.  It was set.  It was certain.

So, what does that mean for us?  Do we fear time as we might fear death and taxes?  Do we fight against it, try to prolong it, argue against it?  That would all be futile, just as futile as engaging in that same behavior for death and taxes, right?  Times passes, we pay taxes, and death comes to us all. 

And as I write this I’m stopping to add new tags to the growing list as I come up with additional key words, additional triggers that relate to this post, to time, and to life in general….

Which is just wasting more of my time.  5 minutes gone now.

Since there is no point in fighting this constant movement, this constant passage of time, what are we to do about it?  Honor it?  Worry about it?  Spend more of it thinking about it?  That’s exactly what we are doing right now: spending time pondering time.  And two more minutes have ticked away and I’m left with only three to get my point across.

Or, maybe I have already gotten my point across.  It can’t be stopped so we just have to ride along with it and therefore it is a precious commodity and should not be wasted.  No time for spell check or grammar proof reading.  No time to go back and make sure you’ve been coherent from start to finish.  No time to worry if people will understand what you are trying to get across.  Because if you do, you may run out of time… and that would be a trajedy.

28 thoughts on “on the clock

  1. Nicely done! I felt frantic reading it, silently willing you to make it to the end of the post before time ran out.

    • Thanks! I thought it would be easy to get something halfway decent out in ten minutes, but once I started writing and saw how quickly those mintues were ticking off I had to really push myself to get my train of thoughts out. It was a challenge.

      • I thought about doing it and then realized, being that I’m…ahem…at work, I might get interrupted and then NOT BE ABLE TO FINISH! Even the thought of that possibility wounded my psyche, so I’m going to take a pass.

      • I don’t want to say anything self incriminating… but I had similar concerns. 😛 Decided that, “Hey, it’s only ten minutes,” and went for it.

      • I would have to turn off my inner editor to do posts like this. Might try it at some point.

      • I was hoping to save a minute at the end to run spell check… but, I ran out of time. Oops. I’m not letting it get to me though by not going back to read what I posted so I can’t see the typos and other mistakes.

  2. “I’m not letting it get to me though by not going back to read what I posted so I can’t see the typos and other mistakes.” I made that mistake.. now I’ve send that post to the WPgraveyard..

      • Sssht..sshhht.. don’t type too loudly.. you know.. ‘they’ might hear us!

        It exists and yes it’s haunted.. Pictures I don’t know. Some brave bloggers did try but when they came back not a single post was published after that. O.o

  3. Cool post. Yeah this is basically the way I write all of my…two posts. And this comment, too. Well I guess I don’t go against a clock counting down but I don’t spend too much time thinking about it. A lot of writing exercises I have seen talk about outrunning your inner editor like another commenter said, and then going back after you have written to edit and select those things that were important or interesting and work with that. I was reading Darren Aronofsky’s notes on his movie Pi and he said that he wrote the screenplay in a week or so and one of his rules was that he couldn’t erase anything, he just had to press on. It’s a good exercise for getting in touch with what lies beneath the surface of your daily thoughts. Plus its fun reading, unless you go on for too long and then the only person who will be interested in it is yourself. That’s generally what I do.

    • The great thing is, even when you think you are going to be the only interested in something, writers and readers are such a great community, there will always be someone else out there who understands and is interested in what you’ve written.

    • Once again, hadn’t planned on participating, and then something changed my mind and off I went. It was nice knowing I was only going to spend ten minutes putting it together and it was fun to see how my thought process and what made it down changed as the deadline got closer and closer. Though, now I’ve spent a whole lot more than that playing with comments here, there, and everywhere. Thanks for the link, going to check it out now.

    • Oh, that’s no good. I should figure out that whole adding music to my blog thing, and then you could have had something peaceful playing in the background instead: Rage Against the Machine or something like that.

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