master of the house

I wasn’t going to respond to today’s Daily Prompt because I enjoy too many different aspects of life to want to make the decision on which one skill I would like to master, which one I’d like to attain perfection.

However, while commenting on the Cheeky Diva’s response, an idea did come to me that trumps the rest and pushed me to share with my faithful readers.

Sure, I’d love to become a master in drawing and painting.  I’d relish being a master of writing and editing.  Beat matching, track selection, pitch control?  I am a dj after all and to be the master of those skills would be fantastic.  I love sport too and would be thrilled if I were a master of volleyball or soccer (football).  You see my initial dilemma?  How do I pick from that list?

What trumps all of those ideas?

As many of you know, my wife and I are expecting our first.  Fatherhood…  Being a parent…  That’s it, right? 

As Cheeky Diva explained to me, there is no way to be a perfect parent, there is no way to guarantee that mistakes won’t be made – and making mistakes and learning from them is probably an essential part of being a parent.  She is right, of course, you don’t get to be a Diva without knowing such things. 

But, as the pressure of the unknown, the weight of uncertainty, collapse upon me, the desire to know that I will make all the right decisions is tempting to say the least.  To be a master at parenting, to always know what to say, to always have the answers, to always make the right decisions and choices, to be strong when needed and forgiving when required, to be the disciplinarian when called upon and a champion when accolades are warranted…

If I could be master of any skill in the world, how could I choose anything else?

27 thoughts on “master of the house

  1. Ah the joys of parenthood, you are going to have the experience of your lives. My dad gave me one piece of advice when our daughter was born, that I realize was worth more than any other. There is no parenting manual included with babies, because each one is unique.

  2. Ah you will be brilliant. There is no better joy in the world than becoming a parent. It has hard times of course but the good times far outweigh them. Huge congratulations to you and your wife.

  3. I’m so glad you decided to tackle this. I was trying to leave you another pithy and wise comment about parenting, when WP just decided to close my window for me without asking. GRRR! I had planned to say that your instincts will guide you. You’ll see that new baby, and all you’ll want to do is love, protect and teach your new addition to the world. As long as you do all of these things with patience, kindness, forgiveness and a sense of humor, you’ll do just fine. Letting them try it on their own and maybe or maybe not failing, when all you can offer is support, is the hardest thing of all. That’s where I am now. They’re all grown and gone, but I l worry and think about them all the time. Congratulations, I have no doubt that you’ll be a wonderful father. Your concern for wanting to be the best dad you can be is a huge head start.

    • Thank you! Silly WordPress *knowing head shake.* Once a parent, always a parent even when they no longer need or want to be parented… I’m not looking forward to that part – but, maybe I’ll be ready for that when the time comes.

  4. You. Nail. Head. This is undoubtedly the one area of mastery that would enhance my life the most. The burden lifted! The shoulders relaxed! The dark eye circles lightened! If only it were possible…

    • We will be welcoming the prince or princess (we are going to be surprised) into the kingdom at the end of March! Yep, wrote a post a week or so ago about my parents being good at their jobs… I hope to follow their example.

  5. Well, from what I’ve been reading here so far, most good advice has come your way. I don’t think you need any more…but this topic I just can’t leave without …this will be the best time of your life! Never forget to cherish it and be with your children as often as you can.i don’t believe in the talk about short time but quality time. They will need you more than you understand…

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