an offer I couldn’t refuse

Just the other day, a dinosaur named Rara,
Reached out to me with a holla’,
“January’s end is going to be hectic, wouldn’t you know it?
Would you be so kind as to write a guest blog, so I could post it?”
I pondered for all of a second before responding,
“Of course, of course, let the guest blogging be commencing.”
She offered up some topics and prompts so my post wouldn’t be all filler,
I reviewed her suggestions and then sat at my keyboard and got to it,
And offered up a story of a home and a family and a haunting.



4 thoughts on “an offer I couldn’t refuse

    • Not sure… no bigfoot, no heart wrentching farewell scene in the forest, no wagon with a dented out roof parading as a emergency vehicle during the car chase scene… no car chase scene at all come to think of it… So, we are left with, they are both great stories? Yeah, let’s go with that.

And, begin:

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