can you see it?

She sat alone on the windowsill, the sun streaming through the slanted wood blinds and warming her black fur.  Her right paw was stretched out between the two bottom most slats, resting against the screen, and the other three paws were tucked neatly under her body.  Her lids were only half open, squinting against the brilliant light, but still she saw everything going on beyond the large bay window barrier.  The ledge she sat on was only just wide enough for her, but it was five times over again her length.  Her tail, with just a dabble of peach in a circular splotch a few inches from the tip, the only blemish in her midnight coat other than the white of her paw pads, hung off the edge of the windowsill and twitched lazily.

In the warm afternoon light, her black fur blended almost seamlessly into the dark brown mahogany of the window blinds where her paw passed between them.  The screen bent every so slightly outward under the pressure of her extended foot.  Her owners learned long ago to only crack the glass pane a few inches to let in the fresh air or she would attempt to climb the crisscrossing mesh that kept her safely locked indoors.  She yawned in a wide grin, exposing her sharp fangs for a second, and then leaned her head down to rest gently on her right paw.  Her nose came to a rest just breaking the plane of the nearest reaches of the blinds.  Twitch, twitch, twitch went her tail.

She contemplated sticking her head in between the blinds to get a better view of the world beyond, she ever so much did enjoy that, but the luxurious warmth in her current position dissuaded her from further movement.  The shadows cast by the filtered sun spread out behind her on the carpeted floor.  Soon enough she would jump down from her perch and stretch out in a warm spot on the speckled carpet but the time for that had not yet arrived.  When the evening marine layer started to roll in and assault her crack of fresh air with a gentle cool breeze, only then would it be time to abandon her current spot.  She kept her eyes half open, peering out the window, daring the world to take notice of her.  Twitch, twitch, twitch went her tail.

16 thoughts on “can you see it?

    • Thanks! It seemed like I could have added in a bit more detail too, but I’m not sure where to draw the line between making a scene visible to the reader and bombarding them with more minutia than they need, so I erred on the side of “less is more.”

      • Well, that and the notion of someone/something completely foreign, probably scary and would cause a public disturbance if discovered, but nevertheless full of heart.

    • Thank you! Yes, the weekly writing challenges are usually good exercises. I tend to enjoy seeing what others come up with for them than what I came up with myself though. Everyone on here is super creative.

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