if i haven’t given you enough to read

Here’s a bit more:

I was recently nominated for two more blogging awards.  *pats self on back*  Look at me go.  The Matticus Kingdom is growing.  Hmm, that could just be the large lunch I had today though.

As with all previous nominations (except my very first one), I won’t be accepting, pasting them on my site, and passing them on due to the exponentially increasing mathematics involved.  They are pretty though, and it is tempting to add them to my scroll bar.

However, you should frequent the sites of those who thought I was worthy of the nominations because they too are worthy of your reading time.  I promise*.


MintedMoose nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award:


6,700+ followers can’t be wrong.  He’s got things going on over in his little slice of the blogosphere and you should be checking them out, kind of like voting, early and often.


KnowledgeKnut nominated me for the REALITY award:


Are you interested in knowledge in all its forms, venues, apperati, paraphanalia, ambiguity and preciseness?  Then you have to look no further than the KnowledgeKnut.


*As with previous promises, The Matticus Kingdom does not ever actually promise anything.  We cannot be held responsible for any entertainment value received, or not, from The Matticus Kingdom or any sites linked to on The Matticus Kingdom.  Our promises are more of set of guidelines than actual rules.  Thanks for playing along.  You can stop reading the fine print now.  Anyway, this fine print will self destruct in ….

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