toasts to friends

I wanted to take a few minutes and raise a glass, or two, (or six) to my friends:

To those who I can go months without talking to and then on a whim pick up the phone and chat as if we spoke every day.
To those who find joy in me just being me, silliness and all.
To those who started as enemies and have grown to fast friends over the years and tears.
To those who inspire me to want more for myself than I would have gone after on my own.  You show me the way.
To those struggling with life changes who may now need me to be the friend to them that they’ve always been to me.  I won’t drop the ball.
To those who seek to squeeze every last bit of enjoyment out of this world.  You are without peer.

…. urp ….

I guess I better sit down now before I …. urp …. fall over.

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